Chapter – III

In accordance with the instructions of fair Shellu,

Drugmo set off to summon Joru;

Aware of this, Joru the divine prince,

Transformed into an emanation to test her.


At the time, the families of the Lesser lineage discussed among themselves as to the best way in which to invite Joru back. The ruler, elder brother Chipon said to Gyatsa Shelkar, “You go to the encampment of Kyalo. Tell Drugmo that since the root cause for Joru being sent to the land of Ma rested with her, if they could not invite him now, she would be held responsible. Act and display an intimidating expression and emphasize her responsibility in such ways. Whether we will get him back, you will know from her. Even if he is not brought back she will have something to say” in this way he spoke his mind.

The uncle and nephew’s thoughts being in accord, the fair Shellu of Dong Bumpa put on his armour and fastened on his weapons as he had done earlier. He placed the saddle paraphernalia and tail knot on his steed – ‘Phoenix’ all done at the same time in one go and then went forth and arrived at the encampment of Kyalo Tsang.

Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo, appeared in an extremely frightened state and carried in one hand a white silk greeting scarf of a dom’s length. She held on to the reins of the steed Phoenix and chanted this song of welcome while at the same time enquiring the reason for his coming:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the eastern pure lands arrayed with turquoise leaves;
From above cushions of glittering conch leaves;
From above thrones sparkling with gold leaves,
Is the compassionate mother White Tara – deity of longevity;
This day come and befriend your daughter.

O fair deity prince of Bumpa;
If I, a maiden, were to relate my story:
I am the cherished girl of Kyalo Tsang;
I am a chief of the great community of Ling;
I am the main one, among a thousand dakinis;
I am the incarnate of the White Tara.

Body straight like the notched shaft;
Movements excellent like refined gold;
Flesh and veins red like vermillion;
Complexion fair like the snow;
Mind ever sharp like a missile;
These are not self praises but various attributes.

And then, O fair Shellu;
The face that’s like the moon of the fifteenth;
What reason, to be overcast with clouds?
For eyes like the starry ornaments of the sky,
What reason, to radiate fiery sparks?
Towards humble Drugmo bereft of faults;
What reason, for not being loving and kind?

The flaunting of turquoise manes by the white snowlion;
Over the dog Dali, is a bit too much;
The flaunting of force and power by hero Gyatsa;
Over related Drugmo is rather excessive.

If it were Kurkar of Hor, it’s correctly needed;
If it were the Black demon, it’s truly suitable;
A ruler should not from his throne separate;
What cause brings you here to this site?

After she had spoken these words, Gyatsa uttered with vehemence, “Alright. You stupid female called Drugmo. Red and wet female, that gorges on raw flesh. Pale and wet female that drinks fresh milk. Feeding on coloured popped barley, your teeth are colourful. Creating Internal intrigues that attract warmongers. You, harbinger of war that attracts polluting spirits. Though you talk of four appealing qualities within your heart resides four spirits. You sent Joru off to Mayul and on top of that you chant, pretending to possess a complete set of qualities. I have no idea of these things that you speak of. Therefore listen to this song” he said and chanted:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

If those like me do not recognise me;
From the high castle of Ngulchu Trodzong,
I am the fair Shellu of Bumpa Dong.

Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo;
The basis of dispute that disturbs brothers internally;
That year at the time when the sun was present,
Young Joru to the Lower Ma was expelled;
Though Trothung was the guide and leader,
Yet long term plans lead to you – female spirit.

The five-faced lion that’s mighty and strong;
Drugmo is the person that obstructs its turquoise manes.
The canines of the carnivorous tiger that feeds on humans;
Drugmo is the person that confuses ‘six smiles’.
The horn of the yellow faced drong;
Drugmo is the person that breaks horns at their base.

From female dons, arise numerous disorders;
Gorging goat’s flesh, many people who poison;
The female blocks the path to happy realms above;
The female guides on paths to suffering realms below.

Two female birds have no ears;
Two female lice have no bones;
Two female goats have no brains;
Two female dogs have no voice boxes;
Two female snakes have no sense of love;
The contents of the adage are complete in you.

This Joru, the deity prince of white Ling;
If not brought before me Gyatsa, I will be
The mountain unable to resist the upper jaw of father Kyalo;
Mountain unable to fasten up tents on its top;
Mountain unable to resist the lower jaw of mother peacock;
Mountain unable to fasten down tents on its top;
Mountain unable to sever the arms of loaded thunder;
Mountain unable to fasten trees above on its top.

You, Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo;
Mountain unable to command smoothly, razors that shine;
Now do not stay, but go to summon Joru;
You, Drugmo hold these words in your mind.

After he had spoken these words, Drugmo felt in her heart, “It is exactly as quoted in the adage,

‘Not responding to drums, is the great monastery’s gong;
Not responding to hats, is the meditator’s bearskin shade;
Not responding to words, is the hero’s strict orders’

or else how could I, Drugmo be held to answer for sending away Joru to Mayul. When the great and middle lineages listened to Trothung’s talk and expelled him to Mayul, then the adage that applies says,

‘Behind a younger brother is the elder one;
Behind flesh and stomach is the spleen.’

At the time, you Gyatsa were nowhere to be seen. But now, I cannot compete with his power. If I spoke he will not respond and so I have no option but to agree and be responsible” she thought.

She then said, “Alright, fair Shellu. I will go and see if I can invite the divine prince Joru Rinpoche. Would you yourself kindly enter the turquoise tent as a guest.”

Gyatsa replied, “If you do get Joru to me, from then onwards I will not require any tea or chang” and then left in the direction from which he had come.

Then while Drugmo herself began preparing for the trip to Lower Ma the dakinis of the mother lineage convinced her mind regarding the need for a full and complete set of ornaments, clothes and various necessities.

So she dressed up the braids on her head with a variety of precious stones like turquoise and corals. She wore her gau with the nine pieces that went around. She fastened on her neck a statue of Tara that was her inner support. She wore on eighteen dresses that were either short or long. The one that was in between made it nineteen in all. On her feet she had on charming little Yuga boots and in this way she was decorated with all the ornaments at her disposal.

In the task-instrument turquoise wine jar she poured in the tsechang – the blessed chang of longevity, consecrated by the queen of accomplished beings. She put on the jar’s cover of pearls and took the drink as provisions for the journey. She stuffed a pocketful of meat and thue for Joru. “In the adages of worldly ways, it is said,

‘Supreme males are deceived by speech;
Intermediate males are lured by wealth;
Inferior males are tricked by food.’

So therefore, I will bring him through this means” she thought and went forth on her dhowa steed – ‘Brown wheat Khyung’ to Lower Ma following Joru.

Now Joru was aware that Gyatsa had sent Drugmo as a messenger. He felt that since she had earlier unknowingly defamed and reviled him on numerous occasions, he needed to treat her with an unimagined frightful experience that would serve as a purification rite for her.

So he told his mother Gogmo, “Drugmo is coming as a consoler for me. So I have to go to welcome her” and making use of the ‘Channels and energy’ vehicle he journeyed.

Drugmo was at the time in the land of Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. From the land, going upwards to Ling there was a penalty. Going down towards Ma there was a penalty. She had arrived in a northern land without humans.

While she was going in an extremely frightened state wondering if there were bandits, Joru had emanated himself into a black man on a black horse with a black helmet top. He carried in his hand a long spear with black streamers that filled the skies.

He said to Drugmo, “You, maiden of the other mountain, with elevated perceptions. If you do not know my story, I am Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. I, the bandit without wealth who roams unfamiliar places, have met you with wealth but without power or forces. Sensing wealth, I don’t respect the ‘Law of cause and effect’.

Me, the son of a bandit and from the caste of liars. You, a solitary woman without refuge, without protector and without a single friend. Ha! Ha! Ha! To have come across me is the result of past karmic actions. What is your father’s name and who do are your near relatives? From what distance do you come from? Not to feel compassion for sheep is the quality of the grey mountain wolf.

This day while the sun abides, first I will rob you of your turquoise. Then I will remove the clothes off your back. Finally I will snatch the stallion under your legs. Then I will gradually see what else I require. If I don’t act out whatever I desire, it’s a sign that I’m not Nyima Gyaltsen” he said and exhibited an immeasurable amount of terror.

Drugmo was frightened. Her body trembled and her braids shook. Her lungs and heart almost came out of her mouth. Drops of condensation in her maroon hair were disturbed. From the jaws of her face she raged within and from her head vapours of perspiration arose and swirled.

Then turning her head towards her homeland, she chanted this ‘Song of Distant summons’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

In the eastern pure realms arrayed in turquoise leaves
Is the sublime Jetsun Drolma – noble and holy Tara;
A retinue of a hundred thousand dakinis surround her;
This day, come and befriend your daughter.
Look after me a maiden with evil karma.

If you have compassion, it’s time to display it;
Not only time, it’s a little overdue.
This day and in the evening
To be in this land of despair and in dire straits of mind;
It’s like casting my mind’s physical basis into a water channel;

From my eyes flow tears directly on;
The blue paper turquoise tent in my homeland,
I recollect it clearly in my mind;
Wonder if the tent remembers the girl?

My father with a great family lineage;
My mother with great love and protection;
With great hopes and aspirations Drugmo flourished;
I recollect these three distinctly in my mind;
Wonder if the kind parents remember their girl?

The thirty courageous heroes of white Ling
And the planet’s supreme land – the land of Ling;
I, Drugmo recollect them clearly in my mind;
Wonder if you people remember Drugmo?

From the border land of foes, without humans;
Already caught by the laws of Yama, no need for death;
Have met a black man, as massive as a mountain.

With courage, skill and strength like a lion;
With speech and talk like a raging tiger;
With weapons, fangs and claws that appear to be raised.

A black horse-like a soaring khyung;
If observed, intolerable for the eyes;
Not observed, my heart is powerless.

Wanting to flee, my steed lacks vigour and stamina;
Wishing to fight, being a woman lack in strength;
Where could there be a maiden worse than me?

It’s an axe competing on a tiny louse;
It’s a commander marching over me – a woman;
In the end, for a massive man, much gossip there’ll be.

Have mercy upon me. Don’t hit or beat me;
The wealth and objects that I, a maiden possess;
No need to plunder; to you will offer.

I request your pardon – do not kill me a girl;
The one that harms me in this way,
Is the foolish dead son of Gadeh;
You great man, hold these words in your mind.

As soon as these words had been uttered, she got down by herself from her horse.

Then Joru without breaking his spell, while still in his emanated form came near her and said, “So, you with evil karma, where are you from and where are you going?”

Her body trembling, she uttered in a tiny voice, “I am going after Joru.”

At that, he asked, “Who is this person called Joru? Is it a goat? Or is it a rabbit?”

She replied, “It’s not a goat or a beast. Actually he happens to be a man. He is a man who possesses the complete set of evil omens.”

Since she had defamed him further, Joru thought that no matter whom she met internally or externally, there was none to each of whom, she did not provide a separate bad name about him. So since that was the case, he still needed to display an immeasurable suffering upon her.

“Alright, if that is the case, you must come after me today. As a symbol of not changing your mind, give me the gold necklace – the ‘Self arising sun’,” he said.

At this Drugmo said, “I cannot go after you. The brave heroes of Lingkar are like hot lightning on enemies. Both of us, you and me will be certainly defeated. So do not say such things and please have mercy on me.”

He then took out his sword and readied to hit her. She was so frightened that she took off her gold necklace and agreed to go along after him.

At that point, he said, “Today, you need not come after me. Go after Joru to Lower Ma. At the end of ten days I will definitely come to Upper Ma to welcome. You must come there bringing along with you the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo” and then he pretended to move towards the other side. Then in dependence on the ‘Channels and energy’ vehicle he went to the ‘Seven sand mountains’ of Lower Ma and remained there.

During this time, Drugmo got rid off her fears and breathed long and smoothly and journeyed down till she arrived at the ‘Three snowy peaks’ in Lower Ma.

Again on the other side, on the seven passes of the sand mountains were attractive emanations of Joru that distracted one’s eyes. There was a white man on a white horse with a white helmet top-piece. As retinue six white beings had been emanated around the white person.

When this scene appeared before her eyes and she thought, “If this isn’t a person that has descended from the Clear light deities above, who else could it be? To have met this being today is truly fortunate and of great merit.”

Then forgetting all – her homeland, parents, the turquoise tent, her wealth and property, the refuge of White Tara, birth and death, joy and suffering and such things, her mind remained distracted by the white person. Not straightening or bending her body and with her eyes not closing but staring wide opened she remained stupefied. While she continued in this state, the being on the other side chanted this ‘Song of evaluation’ on ‘One’s own subtle melody’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

Body without stains – Manjushri;
Speech without obstructions – Chenresi;
Mind without faults – Vajrapani;
The supreme refuge – Lords of the three families;
Abiding separately in each one’s supreme site;
Looking on and looking after the welfare of beings;
This day, come and grant me assistance.

Girl on the other side with high self esteem;
If me, you do not recognise;
I am not from near but from far away;
I am from the far off land of India;
I am called the ‘Indian minister Berkar’.

The land of Ling is greatly renowned and celebrated;
So I have abandoned my homeland and come.
The castle of ‘Lion and dragon’ is renowned and famous;
So I have cast away my kind parents and home and come.
Drugmo is greatly renowned and acclaimed;
So I have left behind life-long partner and come.

Have arrived in this singular and unfamiliar area;
This pure Ling – ‘Whatever seen from prayers resulted’;
In which direction the land lies, I do not know.
The palace of ‘Lion, dragon and tiger’s peak’;
Where it is, I have no idea whatsoever.
This Drugmo the emanation of White Tara;
Though analysed, familiarity I have not gained.

Within the land of colourful Ling,
Whichever path you take, it is near;
Whichever pass you start from, it is comfortable;
Wonder whether I’ll arrive today or tomorrow?

This Drugmo the incarnation of White Tara;
Where in white Ling – upper or lower is she?
Without hiding your words, speak truthfully.

You with your head like a snake’s;
I cannot mistake your jealousy;
You without ears are like a bird;
Stomach so huge, like a pig;
Self esteem so high, like a goat;
Of all these, whichever you prefer,
Are all complete within you, my maiden;
Now, without hiding, tell me your true story.

As soon as he had chanted this, Drugmo with the power of a mind extremely satisfied and without paying attention to all the evil talk, crossed the water and went in front of the leader and servants.

She offered to the main one a white silk ceremonial scarf of five doms in length with thirteen gold lanzas attached to its end. To the retinue she offered each a scarf of three doms in length with five silver lanza attached to the ends. Then with her own eyes closed, her nape lowered and her waist bent, she flashed a glance from the corner of her eyes and was so flabbergasted by the good omen that she just did not know what to do. Her display was an example of the inexpressible expression of joy that a dog meeting his master after a long time shows.

She remarked, “Meeting you today is a most fortunate occurrence” and then chanted this song to the perfect melody of the ‘Nine tinkles’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the unchanging great bliss of the pure realms,
Omniscient Buddha of Boundless Light;
From the Glorious copper coloured palace of Zandok Palri,
Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born;
From the supreme site of Mount Potalaka,
Omniscient Yidam deity – the great compassionate one;
This day, come and assist this nun.

And then, dear man, hearken to me;
If those like me you do not recognise;
I am not from close by but from a distance;
From the centre of the waters that sustains fish.

I am the dear girl of a father called Kyalo;
I am the incarnation of the White Tara;
I am called Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo;
With maiden’s physique like an immortal beauty
And renown that’s spread all over the realm.

This area of the land of the pure deity race;
Paths not misleading – straight as the indents on horse tails;
Passes not high but smooth as a Chinese lady’s silk;
Distance not far; you will arrive soon after.

You male, are not mistaken to have left your land;
To have come to white Ling, you have not erred;
Among the great lands of Southern Zambuling,
Greater than the tribal divisions of Ling; none there be.

In the adages of the ancient people of Tibet:
Though numerous are carnivorous beasts,
The White snowlion rules in courage and skills;
Though numerous are plants and flowers,
The Udumwara blossom is rarer than gold.

This quoted adage appears to be true.

Though numerous are little lands of the four continents,
There’s only one called Ling of deity race;
Though the entire realm is with maidens filled,
The one called Drugmo, I am the only one.

And then, noble being, listen to me;
One, the feather crest of the Indian peacock;
Two, the white silver vase of China;
Their origins different and separate they are;
But meeting place, in the presence of the Lama be.

One, you Indian minister called Berkar;
Two, Sengcham Drugmo of Ga Kyalo;
Their places of birth different and separate they are;
But meeting place in the Upper regions of Mayul be.

These are the remnants of past karmic acts;
You with the form of the moon of the fifteenth,
Are surrounded by the likes of glittering constellations
And my maiden’s mind blooms like a hundred lotus petals.

The Southern turquoise dragon is dressed in southern clouds;
Its melodious voice is pleasing like the peacock’s;
Beyond this, I lack the confidence to express;
Kindly, hold these words in your mind.

After chanting these words, although she felt duty bound to go near him, yet she was unable and remained so.

The emanation of Joru said, “Oh my! I thought the one called Drugmo was not polluted by the five poisons but was of the essence of the deities of the five lineages. Not formed from flesh and blood but really had attained the jaluh – rainbow body. Was farsighted and manifested omniscience of whatever knowledge there is to be known. Possessed the ability to place all she saw, heard, recollected and touched onto the grounds of the three Buddha bodies.

If it is true that the one called Drugmo happens to be you, then she appears to be a person who has sold the clan of her ancestors; who is the root cause of internal intrigues and violence in the divisions of the Ling tribes and one who has collected the delusions of her permanent life-partner. How could you ever be Drugmo?”

As a result of her feeling embarrassed, she could not raise her head but said, “Divine ruler, I am Drugmo.”

At this, all of them, leader and servants had a hearty laugh.

Then Joru again said, “Oh! If that is the case, then there is no basis for our coming here. So it is better to return” he remarked and made preparations to go.

Drugmo then requested, “If that’s the case, I have longevity chang consecrated by the queen of accomplished beings. I wonder if you all will accept partake of it?”

Joru thought since it was highly auspicious, therefore they should drink it. The leader and servants got off from their horses. Drugmo then served the chang, created an auspicious praise and offered them – the leader and servants the ambrosial chang of immortality.

Joru was now extremely happy since he felt they had now obtained the freedom of immortal lives and also created an auspicious occasion and connection.

Then as a symbol that the two of them would remain unchanging during this life time, Joru gave her the white scarf with the thirteen knots. In turn Drugmo offered him her bracelet with a thousand lotuses.

Taking with him the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo, he left after making plans to meet at the Rich queen’s forested mountain of Sib.

In his thoughts he felt that in general, the mind of women could never be trusted. In particular, this Drugmo was the one who had brought disgrace to Mukpo Dong. But now there was no use in regretting. It was better to regard it as the result of ‘Cause and effect’. Then they appeared to go their separate ways.

to continue …

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