Chapter VII


Lingkar to the landscape of Mayul proceeded;

Joru divided the land and had a free discussion;

As in Nene – the paternal aunt queen’s prophecy,

Entrance to Crystal Rock’s treasury was opened.


Then in the year when the Space-soaring queen enjoyed calculating and Joru was eight years old, he was aware the time had come for Lingkar to settle in Mayul.

He requested rain from the Jewel headed naga ruler and ordered the help of the ‘Eight classes’ of harmful spirits to bring down snow.

From the first day of the first month of winter snow fell. When it was measured with an arrow on the top of the mountains of the land of Ling, only the notch was visible above the snow. When estimated with a spear in the main body of the land, only the silk banners were visible. Almost all of the three – grass, trees and other vegetation went under the snow. As a result all the cattle were at the point of death due to starvation and the cold.

At this point all the people of Ling – from the upper, middle and lower regions discussed the situation.

They decided, “We must go in search of an area that is without snow” and they sent from each of the three regions of upper, middle and lower Ling four heroes who would go in search of a place bereft of snow.

When the observation party initially looked at the upper, middle and lower Ma regions they did not see any place where there was even a tiny bit less snow than their own region. But as they went further, they noticed in the interior ‘Great lion’s innards’ of Ma; in the ‘Lamb’s play pen’ of the slopes of Ma; in the ‘Triangular crossroad’ of lower Ma and in all the areas above Yulung Gehra there was no snow. Not even the size of a bird’s head.

All the mountains and valleys were completely covered with mist. The thought occurred to the observers that the amount of grass in the mountains and plains there was so much that even if all the three kinds of animals – horses, yaks and cattle of Lingkar ate that grass for three years without a break, the grass would still remain inexhaustible. During this time there were many Tibetan and Chinese traders who presented gifts and trade taxes to Joru. As a result there was not much risk of bandits and thieves.

Since there were many people going about and staying in the area, the heroes of the search group asked the visiting traders, “Who is the owner of this place at the present time? From whom can we lease land for staying here?”

The traders replied, “In the past this was an empty land. The Yellow Hor bandits used to rob and steal, so obviously it was a difficult place for traders. But at the present time there is a ruler called Joru at the Triangular crossroad of the deity land of Ma. He is not a human being but a lord of deities and spirits. He churns earth and heaven with his emanations. He is one who has complete power over the three realms of existence. If you all want to be tenants you must seek his permission.”

The four groups of heroes did not have the courage to go to Joru and so they returned home. When the search party arrived back in Ling, they gave a detailed account of their trip. The people of Ling discussed the situation. Those of whom made up the big people of Ling like the Chipon of Ling, maternal uncle Denma and others like Gyatsa Shelkar knew that the time had arrived for the occupation of Mayul as had been prophesied. But they continued to remain and behaved as if they were not aware of this.

Gyatsa said, “Now since the Makhok area is without snow and it is owned by Joru, as a common authority of the six communities I Bumpa can go. This Joru’s behaviour is not in accord with causality. His thoughts are not in accord with other people. His merits are not in accord with the times. Since I alone cannot make a decision, I cannot go alone but some other heroes should come. I can act to intercede in the matter.”

Then these five people – maternal uncle Denma Jangtra, Trothung the chief of Tagrong, the Chinese chief Bendhe Marlu, Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen and Drigab Dechoekyong Bernak gave their word to go.

The five set out for Makhok. When they reached the Triangular crossroad of Lower Ma, Joru was aware of their whereabouts. In order to rid the heroes of their arrogance, Joru devised a plan.

When he saw that all the elder and younger brothers were hale and hearty in colourful Yulung Gehra, he suddenly arrived there that evening. He was stood up erect and placed three stones for kinsmen that were the size of a sheep’s stomach onto his sling – the ‘Dzi headed Colourful snake’.

Then from a distance beyond the range of an archer, he chanted this song to the tune of the ‘Song of the soaring great khyung’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

If you do not recognise this site;
It’s the ‘Triangular crossroad’ of Yulung.
If me, you do not recognise;
I am the little chief – the ruler Joru.

Listen leisurely, you bandits six;
As landlords that occupy this site –
For deities, there is Magyal Pomra;
For humans, there is the ruler Joru.

In particular, at the ‘Triangular crossroad’
Since I the ruler Joru, have come,
In daytime no bandits wander about;
In night time no spirits and deities roam.

Once, all the goods of Upper Ladakhi merchants,
Were snatched by the five sons of Scorpion Hor;
I, Joru pursued them as recovery patrol;
With sling completely uprooted the Hor ruler – Thok.

Recovered the merchandise of the Ladakhi traders –
Boxes of gold, silver, silk and other stuff;
Imposed a collection on traders going down;
That was my first tax barrier.

Once there were a thousand Chinese traders;
Forcibly snatched the little foal – ‘Brown kyang’;
Then between them and me, a dispute arose
And all the traders were imprisoned.

As gifts received a thousand tea and silk scarves;
As penalty castle palace was constructed;
That was the second of Joru’s victories.

Today these six men who bandits be;
Raced above Joru’s roof and have met face to face;
Has resulted from indifference and desire to tease.

This sling that I grasp in my hand,
If its good qualities are related, it’s endless:

First, it is the support castle of the dralha;
Swift it is, being a relative of lightning;
If released, it sounds like thunder;
When flung, it excels the birds in flight;
Wherever aimed, it hits the target.

This black stone looking like a sheep’s stomach,
Is the Laa stone of a thousand deity-spirits;
On the rock behind the six men I’ll fling;
Will strike White rocks as if by lightning;
Don’t die, but watch the show with your eyes.

And then this stone that I will shoot,
Is the support stone of the dralha Nyentak;
Will shatter the physical aggregates of the six
And successfully acquire the six steeds.

Then with majestic lightning sparks swirling, he shot the sling and shattered the white rock. The ‘thud’ sound filled the entire valley. Trothung and one or two of the other heroes were stupefied and became unconscious.

At the time, Gyatsa Shelkar took out of his pocket a special ceremonial scarf and said, “Oh what happiness! Happy Joru Rinpoche; Joru whose thoughts equal the deities. In this empty, unfamiliar land of Ma, I am the unfamiliar man Gyatsa Shelkar. With me are five important and knowledgeable men.” After these words he chanted this song to the tune of the ‘Perfect white melody’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

If you do not recognise this man that’s me;
I am Gyatsa Shelkar Bumpa.
These five companion heroes with me,
Are each from one of the six communities of Ling.

Now then, Joru the prince of deities,
Listen, for I have these words to relate.

The knowledgeable heroes of Lingkar
And your elder brother Gyatsa Shelkar,
Shouldn’t have been welcomed, with round stones.

Now listen, dear Prince of deities;
White Ling being bound by snow,
Cattle and animals risk death from famine.

To the boy Joru of the descent lineage of Bumpa,
We’ve come to lease land from you in Ma;
Thought of settling, herds of yak and cattle in Mayul.

In our colourful homeland of Ling:
One, the interiors of nomadic encampments;
Two, the intermediate castle fortress of Bumpa;
Three, the foothills of chequered fields;
It’s not that we don’t want or have no need of them.

The interiors nomads with dri and dzo;
In between – ‘Clever kyang’ and ‘Valley of horses’
And the foothills – the ‘Happy town of sheep’;
The residents of these, wish to come to Makhok.

If excessively long, for three years we request;
If short, for six months grant us your permission;
Towards me, your elder brother Gyatsa Shelkar
And the five heroes well settled in Ling,
Don’t return our cruelty with the same, Joru dear.

After he had said these words, Joru immediately ran and took hold of the reins of Gyatsa’s horse and said, “Elder brother Shelkar and all the other brothers of Ling, it’s just that I did not recognise you. Don’t be astounded. I beg your pardon. Now please come up and we may discuss matters.

We two, mother and son in order to avoid being harmed by enemy bandits, stayed in the ‘Tasty groves’ of the powerful demon, so there will be miracles by deities and spirits” and in this way Joru welcomed the chief and ministers into his home.

Although the tent looked small from the outside, within there was a good cover on top and it was open and spacious. There was a display of boxes of tea, gold and silver. The heroes were amazed and sat in a state of extraordinary awe. Then tea and other drinks and eatables were served. These were like the sweetmeats of the deities and possessed a hundred tastes and so forth.

At the end of a detailed discussion of the situation, Joru offered a special ceremonial scarf and a gold coin to each of the warriors with Gyatsa Shelkar as the main one. He then chanted this song of auspiciousness to the tune of the ‘Long summons of the deities’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

Now hear me, heroes of pure Ling;
Listen, Bumpa Shelkar who is within.
In the adages of the ancient people:

The lama’s talk of attachment and hatred,
Is an omen of not accomplishing sentient’s welfare;
The bride that separates brothers and relations,
Is an omen of lacking wide knowledge;
The ruler expelling the poor from the land,
Is an omen of one’s strategies failing.

In past years, Joru was the harmful don;
This year, the snow is harmful;
There will be no end to Lingkar’s dons.

Don’t castaway the snow, but use it as first offering;
You have permission to crowd in after Joru;
Amazing play; it was just a joke.

In the body of the great lion of Makhok,
Radiant green plants and flowers there are;
Dew settled on grass heads there are;
In the depths of grass, oils collected there are;
Except for cattle, human minds satisfied there are.

Don’t stay in White Ling, come on here;
If staying for a life time, you will be allowed;
Staying for three years, do as you wish.

Payment for land and grass, I will not take
Considering the common face of Lingkar brothers
And in particular, the countenance of Gyatsa.

And then on top of all the above,
In the lower entrance of the Crystal rock treasury
There are seven pairs of treasured gems.

That which was built by visitors from China and U-tsang;
The palace ‘Sengtruk Taktse’ and others;
As banquet hall for common Lingkar I offer.

For me Joru there is no need of them;
Don’t stay on six communities, but come forth;
Hold these in your minds, brothers of Ling.

When Joru had sung these words, they agreed together saying, “Yes.”

The brothers quickly went back to Ling. The six communities of Ling were gathered at the assembly grove and it was decided by the Chipon to go to Makhok. At the time since each of the brothers had their own castles in the upper and lower regions, they appointed and left in place dzongpons, who acted as temporary chiefs.

The thirty families of the brothers possessed approximately thirty nomadic herds that proceeded on to Makhok through the most comfortable paths. They made preparations and planned to meet at Dilyak Tagthang of Ma on the tenth of the ‘victorious’ month. They observed Makhok and the nearby ranges from Gakhok, Ga-nyi and similar places and then they proceeded on to Mayul like the summer rain clouds.

On the tenth of the ‘victorious’ month the paternal uncles, elder and younger brothers were all able to assemble together at colourful Dilyak Tagthang of Ma. All of them wondered, “How will Joru divide up the land?” All those whose minds earlier were in accord with Joru’s were overjoyed. All his earlier enemies having lost face sat sulking.

Earlier, Trothung has spread evil news saying Joru had killed the hunters of Tagrong. As a result Joru had been expelled. But a few days later, the hunters had returned to their own homes. So now Trothung was slightly afraid and presented a pathetic appearance and he felt guilty about the situation.

Trothung now thought it was better to appear pleasant to Joru. He invited Joru to his tent and made amends by serving dri milk, various sweet delicacies, the ribs of lamb and other such items.

He sweetly requested, “Nephew who fulfils all wishes, I request you to grant me an excellent share of land” which was just like a hungry cat that rubs its tail and circles the window.

In reply Joru said, “Elder brother dear, I will give you a place to stay that is quite different from all the others. You don’t need to worry about that.”

Then, in the midst of the gathering of the upper, middle and lower Ling, Joru the ruler wearing the ‘Gobo Chok’ hat of auspiciousness on his head chanted the ‘Song of the division of Ma’ to the tune of ‘Intimidating the great gathering by the power of charisma’.

All the people of the three regions of Ling – upper, middle and lower sat there and remarked, “This Joru is truly a son of the descent lineage of Ling Mukpo Dong.”

At the time Trothung of Tagrong did not agree fully with the division of land that he was offered but he lacked the courage to open his mouth. Aten and Dongtsen received rather exceptional shares. So Trothung appeared pretty annoyed. But the essential point was that although at first glance, it seemed that what Tagrong got was narrow and congested yet the interiors were spacious and could later be the summer and winter camp of nine hundred cows. So in the end everyone remained in a happy state of mind.

From then onwards the people of Ling were protected by the main local deity of Mayul so that the poor became rich and the humble became powerful.

Then on the fifteenth, Joru proclaimed from the lower entrance to the treasury of Magyal that he would open the doors to the treasure mines. So the people were assembled. From the heavens there was a shower of flowers. From intermediate space tents of rainbow lights appeared. From the earth fragrances of sweet scents arose and there were other omens in a limitless variety.

The keeper of the mines offered the key to the lower entrance to the treasury of Crystal rock. The lower door to the treasury was opened and there were representations of the body, speech and mind of the enlightened. White conches of the law were broadcast. The clear drum of the law shone. Turquoise dragon cymbals sounded and the flags of the law and support spears of the dralha were raised.

The seven pairs of gems – the articles of the treasury were allowed to be escorted and welcomed by warriors of whom Tagrong of the Great lineage was the main one. They were kept in the great being’s castle Sentruk Taktse or the ‘Peak of lion cubs and tiger’ as support and granted to the six communities of Ling as common property.

Then Joru got on the ‘White willow stick’ and rode off. In a flash he arrived at the Triangular crossroad of Yulung in Lower Ma. The people of Ling were in a state of inconceivable joy and from every group they volunteered and appointed one person to serve Joru. Initially the two – Joru’s father Senglon and Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen were appointed as the authority. An auspicious arrangement had thus been created for the ownership of Drugmo’s hair and Kyalo’s wealth. It became renowned from that time onwards as the ‘Silk knot’.

to continue …

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