Chapter III


From Gogza – the princess of the naga king,

Divine prince Joru was excellently born;

Before the passage of a single day,

The three ‘Black Bird’ brothers were subdued.

Then one day when the naga girl went to relieve her sadness at the lakeside, the waters were cool and clear. The noise of the slow movements of garlands of waves and a variety of flowers radiating their beauty created a joyous mood.

The naga realms, the enjoyments of the nagas, her parents and close relations arose in her mind and she chanted this song to the tune of the ‘Great river’s leisurely descent’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

The refuges of the Lama, Yidam and Jewels three,
Inseparably as ornament of my crown abide.

The ‘Fine beauty of the nagas’, I am called;
Listen, for various events have come to pass;
The princess of the naga king below is in human lands,
As share to fulfill sentient’s welfare in high Tibet.

The naga princess is attractive, it’s said;
Without owner on empty plains like a mongrel, I roam;
Backing of paternal name is an anchor in the ocean’s depth;

Thinking thus in anguish, my tears stream forth.

Whatever ‘Jewel headed’ father said, is clear in my mind;
Said, “You three sisters are as dear to me as my heart”;    
Said, “Without thought of distance, I will come.”
Said, “Girl, I will place you in happiness.”

No stories are there of a father taking up a daughter;
It’s three years since Bejewelled father has forgotten;  
It’s three years since I’ve not heard naga words;
Of human lands above, I am unfamiliar. 
I’m a female naga without protector and refuge;
Wonder if you hear this, River king of golden waters?  

More words there are of various events like these;
Wherever I a girl do stay and reside,
Without a chief above, I’m without a human refuge; 
For the path of liberation in future births, 
If without a Father Lama, there is no guide;
This body of mine, a support of a dom’s length,
If without homeland and parents, one’s without an owner.

The essence of this perfect story –
If my parents at home know this, please provide help;
If not from this day after the sun has set,
I, a girl will look after myself, come whatever may.

Then with a heavy heart she sat with her eyes filled with tears. Immediately the Jewel headed naga king emanated a blue figure and blue horse and pushed himself to the surface of the lake and came forth in front of the girl and said, “Do not be disheartened my girl. It is not that I and the Lama do not have you in mind. I too was sad at parting from you, so how could I have forgotten you. But events are such” and he chanted this song:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

If you do not recognise me,
I am Lu Tsugna – the naga king with bejewelled crown;
I am the ruler on high, owner of the golden throne;
By ministers, relations and citizens always respected.

If the subjects, dogs and beggars below are not happy,
One too has sufferings similar to unhappiness;
The father lama Khetsun Sangpo;
Whatever acts performing is for sentients’ benefit.

When the power of the rulers above increase,
Whatever verdicts passed are the affairs of commoners;
Wonder if you understand this, girl dear to my heart?

The three princesses that are like my heart;
The youngest, the Lama said he would send for;
The other two must in homeland reside, I was told.

It was not I bejewelled father that requested these;
It’s the power of each girl’s own past actions;
A maiden girl must leave her home for another;
To which home to go, the lama has predicted.

Whatever articles needed I gave from my crown;
Earlier prayers for initial sighting Ling had performed;
Although the mother Gyaza does torment you,
Son Shellu cares for you, as if you were his own mother.

Thoughts of sadness and being oppressed is misery
And wishing to flee to a happy place at the edges;
That’s just the foolish imaginings of a youthful maiden;
Oh! This amazing play – it was just a joke!

This powerful gem of mine, ‘Norbu Samphel’;
Whatever enjoyments desired and every need provides;
Until you obtain a son with power to grasp it,
Till then, do not let this separate from your body.

Do not be confused, princess that’s like my heart;
In the centre of the limitless fine house– your precious body,
Conception of a son – an incomparable lord, is approaching;
Till the, accomplish the Lama’s commands.

Within your ‘Jewel headed’ father’s heart joy arises;
Before long, the beginning of happiness will be upon you;
My daughter, hold these words in your mind.

After these words he gave the gem ‘Norbu Samphel’ and went back into the water. At the time, the girl experienced a blissful warmth in her body. Her mind and awareness appeared clear and transparent and she seemed to be able to intimidate with her mind’s power and charisma. In a blissful state of mind she slept and in her dream a white cloud approached from the south-west and came directly towards her. The Lotus born master from Orgyan placed a golden five-pointed vajra on her forehead and with the ‘Voice of Brahma’ made predictions in this manner:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

Listen, you fortunate girl;
The Lama, Yidam and dakinis three;
Inseparably on the crown of your forehead hold high.

And then, such various events will occur:
Although girl you have from your father departed,
From me the Lama, you have never separated;
Whatever wished for, will be fulfilled.

Not this year but the next year;
Next year, at the start of the summer month;
Time when auspiciousness and excellence assembles;
A prince, not human but a divine son;
It will be time for him to enter your body.

The Lord of all the black heads, he will be;
The remedy to subdue the black forces he will be;
Counterforce for Hor, Demons and Jang, he will be;
Four great fortresses and eight lesser ones –
The twelve territories on the borders,
Will have a Common chief that’s like a lion.

The supreme form of the son Jigme Dorje;
If the time for his birth does not arrive,
No benefit is there for his mother to hurry;
When time’s ripe, physique and form will flourish;
So until that time comes, cast it aside.

As palate butter, the Lama will longevity waters grant;
The first mouthful, his father will serve;
The first clothes, the nyen will put on;
The first ambrosial speech, mother will sing;
The first serving of food, by Magyal Pomra should be;
The first foe, subdued from the sky will be;
Do not forget these words, but hold them in your mind.

After these words had been spoken, the naga girl awoke from her sleep to find her body pervaded by bliss. Since the dream was so extraordinary, she developed an immense reverence for the Lama which she had not felt earlier.

Then on the eighth day of the Sakadawa month when she slept at night with Senglon, she dreamt of a man in an armour of gold who was good looking and attractive. In a state of inseparable affection for the man and together with such feelings as joy and bliss, she dreamt of sleeping with the man.

As dawn broke, a vajra and light rays appeared on her forehead just like the Lama had placed. Rainbows flashed. The brilliant lustre and other such things dissolved into her forehead and her body was filled with a joy and bliss that had not been felt before. Then she woke up.

At the time, the man in gold armour, the nyen Gerzoh, with Senge Norbu Dradul as the main figure, the dralha and werma, in an inseparable blaze of sun and light rays blessed the boundless mansion of the naga girl’s body. Then she remained in a state of one-pointed concentration in spontaneous great equanimity for a period of nine months and eight days.

At the time the Thirteen deities of the Gurlha, the Twelve Tenmas that protect Tibet, the Glorious protectors of the heavenly abode and such like guarded and protected Gogmo throughout the six sessions of day and night. Some people could hear from Gogmo’s little tent songs and dancing at night. Some saw flashes of rainbows continually above and below the little tent and heard sounds of various musical instruments.

In Shelkar’s mind there appeared in Gogmo’s tent a Dorje Woebar – ‘Shining vajra’ that was consecrated by the Lama and such like. In general all the people like the Chipon of Ling experienced many amazing omens. Behind Trothong’s place a tree arose. It was so heavy with flowers and fruits that it could not be shaken. In the home of Tagrong, a thousand petalled poisonous blossom bloomed and on it a shower of gems rained down and filled the upper, middle and lower Ling. Such were the omens. It illustrates:

‘Although earlier one’s mind is slightly uncomfortable,
In the future it will be like the birth of Nyatsa Aten.’

This means that it is an omen that all the earlier evil plans of Aku Trothung would later lead to his befriending Joru.

Then on the fifteenth day of the ‘victorious’ month in the year of the Tiger, Gogza’s body felt light like silk-cotton and transparent within and transparent without as if untouched by obscurations.

On the third day just as the sun rose, heralded by a white light on the mother’s forehead like that of a shining moon, a white man with a khyung’s head, grasping a white spear with silk suddenly appeared saying, “ Mother, I am your first share of sons. I do not possess the coarse substantial form of sentient beings. I am a guardian of the White helmeted one above. If making offerings, the three foods proffer. I am the elder brother Dungkhyung Karpo – ‘White conch khyung’. I am inseparable from the body of the being of Ling.” He then remained in space in a flashing rainbow light.

Immediately, the divine child Nangwa Woeden or ‘Vision of light’ in a blaze of rainbow light spoke for the first time in the intermediate human realms and chanted this song:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

If you do not recognise this site,
It’s called ‘Ling – Sight that arose from prayers’;
If you do not recognise me,
I am called ‘Deity child, pleasing to the ears’;

Now listen to what I have to say;
Me a deity child, by the deities appointed;
Thought of conquering southern Zambuling;
If not ornamented by strong and powerful ministers,
Will be bullied with “Beggar’s child” and “Chief born alone”.

Me a deity child, as chief of humans appointed:
One, a land for chief of widespread power to be attached to;
Two, a minister that can accomplish all tasks given;
Three, community of subjects of the ten virtuous laws;
Four, relatives that will always support and look after;
Five, a treasury of whatever enjoyments are required.

Pray tell me all, whatever great or small gathered;
If these five joys have been assembled,
Me a deity child will not remain, but will come;
Kind mother, these words in your mind hold.

After hearing the self-sounded words of the unobstructed vajra , in a state of immeasurable joy, the first doors of auspiciousness and enlightened activity were opened by Gogmo with this song chanted to the tune of the ‘Happy song of perfect grace’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

Listen deity child, don’t let your mind stray;
From the cold entrance of the mines of the nagas below,
The gem that provides whatever one desires
Produces a shower of wealth and enjoyments;
No chance of being left without those in need.

On the treasury of the power of great chiefs,
Subjects of the land naturally turn their thoughts;
Without a community who would be titled ‘chief’;
What’s called the ‘quantity of ministers and subjects’
Is but the size of the ‘extent of the chief’s skill’;
Wonder if you know this, divine child of Gogmo?

After singing this song, the mother replied to the son’s song. Then she gave detailed accounts of the origin of the country, the fierce warriors of Lingkar, the size of the community of subjects, the reasons for relationships, the treasury of wealth and enjoyments and so on. Then she said many excellent prayers for the future.

Then without any pain or trouble, a little child of about three years possessing three eyes which were large and bright, came from the mother’s womb and sat on her lap saying, “Kind mother, I am the second of your share of sons.” Immediately the Lotus born master granted an initiation and fed him longevity waters and palate butter. Vajra armour that frees from physical fears was ordered. The Jewel headed naga king served ambrosia. Magyal Pomra offered food with a hundred tastes. Gerzoh, lord of nyens, clothed him in coloured silks.

Again after that, from her heart, from within an egg like swirling, spherical blue light appeared a little boy of human body but head like that of a snake who said, “Kind mother I am the third of your share of sons. I do not possess coarse substantial form. I am the guardian of the ‘one above with back of white armour’. I am the younger brother Ludrul Woechung –‘Naga snake, Little light’. I possess innumerable naga attendants. If you make offerings, the three whites proffer. The inseparable clan deity of the Being, I am.” After saying these things, he flew off into the sky in a blaze of light.

Again from her umbilicus on the tips of light rays a white girl with a red radiance dressed in a coat of vulture feathers appeared saying, “Mother, I am your fourth share of offsprings. I do not possess coarse substantial aggregates. I am the dralha that guards dhowa steeds. I am called ‘Singcham Thale Woekar.’ If making offerings, serkyims of ambrosia proffer. The place of attraction should be the chipped pieces of the ear tips of the ‘All knowing lord of dhowa steeds’. The shavings of the lamp that makes clear is the inseparable body deity of the Being” and then Singcham flew off into space.

At the time the Lotus born master chanted this song of the ‘Prayer of Auspiciousness, with the words of truth’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

You, child of deities thus born among humans, are
Indistinguishable from the ‘Three Protector families’,
Representated by, a garland of jewels,
A mirror – a house of light of existence
And a five pointed crystal vajra – these three that have,
Spontaneously assembled as ornaments of the Being.
May auspicious peace appear, in the world.

In order for the Being to work for sentients,
Are nine mistakes of demons, the result of evil prayers.

Of the fire element not burned,
Is the deity of fire – Red tiger, that’s one
And reincarnated werma – Tigress snake;
Of the water element, wind deity – Turquoise dragon
And reincarnated werma – Golden fish;
Of the iron element, wind deity – Great lion
And reincarnated werma – White kidneyed eagle;
Of the iron element, wind deity – Great lion
And reincarnated werma – The White lion.

Crossing plains of fire and fordless rivers;
Bags of wind and demon weapons – from the four
Refuge be, wind deity – The eight wermas;
May these be assembled in the Being’s form.

One, a sword that will take the life of the enemy;
Two, a spear of three elements that subdues foes;
Three, the lasso ‘Black snake of nine doms’;
Four, the bow ‘Wild horn that swirls’;
Five, the deity chapel of ninety nine shafts;
Six, the sling that rotates a thousand boulders;
Seven, the axe that splits vajra rocks;
Eight, the playmate – little crystal knife;
Nine, laa stone to which oath bound deities are attached;
In order to sever the life of the foe without loss
Are the nine self-produced weapons of the Dralha.

May these assemble in the Being of Ling;
May auspicious peace, appear in the world.
Like the insides of a great lion is Makhok,
Piercing the interiors above, land of India enter;
Piercing open space below, land of China enter;

By humans with form, will be disowned;
By elements without form, areas will be held;
After attaining seven years and more,
With conduct of hiding and not displaying powers
May the unclaimed lands be conquered;
May the formless be vanquished and bound to oaths;
May auspicious peace, appear in the world.

The four great fortresses and the eight lesser ones;
The twelve entrances to the fortresses;
May the miraculous Being open them;
May their wealth finally to Tibet reach;
May foe tribes to deity tribes be converted.

This incarnation of me, the Lotus born;
None can in this manner differentiate;
To voluntarily take up the suffering of sentients,
I the Lotus born one have emanated;
With prayers that whatever wished may be accomplished,
May auspicious peace, appear in the world.

After these words were spoken, the deities created sounds of musical instruments, brought down a shower of flowers and set up a tent of rainbow lights.

At the time the Lotus born Vajra guru offered the deity child the name ‘Gesar Norbu Dradul – the Supreme Being of world’. Whatever there was of the amazing and extraordinary omens of excellence they remained temporarily hidden because of being pervaded by the secret sign.

In the meanwhile, the three metallic ‘Black Bird’ brothers in whom were the laa or life-essence and life force of the entire family of demons, had created their home in gaps and crevices of mount Sumeru.

At times they appeared so massive as if able to shake the ground. At times they appeared as small as a thumb and went about being the support peg of the demons of the dark side. Each passing day they wandered the earth and were creating obstacles for the life-span and life-force of the dharma practitioners.

What the eyes of ordinary beings could not see was that the dralha and werma of the white side had summoned and attracted them to intermediate space and so making them powerless caused them to soar in circles.

At this time, Gesar of Ling knew that the time to subdue the demons had come. So without being seen, he emanated a bow and shot an arrow into the sky which brought down the dead bodies of three ‘Black Bird’ brothers onto the ground.

During this incident, he had sat naked on a rock. On the rock, the impressions of the thighs and buttocks of a three year old child can still be seen to this day. It is renowned as the ‘Site where the ‘Three Black Bird brothers’ were subdued before becoming a day old.’

That same day the female dri, the female sheep, the mare and the dzomo gave birth to a calf, a lamb, a pony and a hybrid offspring respectively. That wasn’t all, for on that day, from the heavens it thundered and it rained down on earth a shower of blossoms. Many amazing omens like the setting up of a rainbow tent occurred. Moreover, all the tips of the rainbow pierced the roof of Gogmo’s tent and so some doubts arose in Gyaza and she went to Gogmo to see for herself.

To her surprise, in Gogmo’s lap was sat a most beautiful and attractive boy that had been born. Although Gyaza was hesitant as to whether all this would lead to joy or sorrow, saying, “I will go and take this little boy to Shelkar,” she took the boy in her lap and went off. Gogmo too went after her.

As soon as Gyatsa Shelkar saw the boy he was overcome with immeasurable joy and happiness and asked, “What is this?”

Gyaza replied, “Last night this boy was born to Gogmo. I do not know whether it will be beneficial or harmful.”

Shelkar took the boy in his lap and exclaimed, “O what joy! Now, my wish has been fulfilled. May all the enlightened activities of this younger brother of mine be swiftly accomplished. Although born just this day he has already attained the size of a three year old. In the lineage of Mukpo Dong so far, not humans beings but deity children are born. Feed him the milk of the white snowlioness. While there are there are many stages to the development of wings of the Thangkar vulture, it appears that the khyung bird here has already attained the ‘Six skills’ while in its egg. I have no doubts that whatever we two brothers do, will be fruitful and additionally it is like the saying,

‘Two brothers in accord, is a hammer to pound foes;
Two mares in accord, is a stimulant for the rich.’

Now he needs some clothes to wear and he needs clean food that is of the three whites.” He touched his forehead on the baby’s and then put him down.

Gyatsa Shelkar was filled with happiness which was reflected in the immeasurably joy in his demeanour while Joru just remained sitting still. Gyatsa remarked, “I will allow myself to temporarily name him Joru.”

He offered food consisting of the three whites and silk clothing that was smooth and comfortable and at the same time well-fitting and his heart remained at peace.

To Gogmo he said, “Bring up this boy of yours in an excellent manner. There are clear signs that no one will be able to create obstacles for him. Certainly even my dreams have been excellent. Therefore we must inform the Chipon and discuss as to the birth ceremony, song chanting, dro dancing and other such activities which all the people of Ling must perform together.

There has never been an instance when a son born to the chiefs of the upper, middle or lower Ling has not had a birth ceremony celebrated. Since this is at a time and situation different from the others, we should not follow the routine local traditions. Even you my girl have come to human lands with a great purpose. If you have any special dreams which state that a certain thing is required, you must inform me” he told here and then left.

On the evening of the second day, Trothung had a number of inauspicious dreams and hearing that Gogmo had given birth to a son he began to think and felt uncomfortable in his mind.

The two, Gyatsa Shelkar and his servant Midar Taklu went before the Chipon. Then Gyatsa Shelkar, before he had spoken to anyone in Ling regarding the birth of Joru, gave this account in song:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

Gyatsa Shelkar I am;
This day I bring good tidings for you;
This is the first one, gifted to the naga mother;
Wondered if it was a deity child and prayed;
On the fifteenth an outstanding deity prince was born.

The size of three years, he has attained;
One, what ritual prayers are we to offer?
Two, when must he be presented before the people?
Three, what special plans for body and livelihood?
What was required I could not decide?

Therefore regarding my thoughts about
This little son of father Senglon and Gogza’s prince;
This if recognised, was appointed by the deities above;
This is the younger brother of me, Bumpa the chief.

If Ling brothers are teased, Bumpa feels regret;
If you Lingkar in general, do not honour him,
I, Bumpa thought of a throne ceremony for him.

The Lesser lineage greatly respects the governor;
I, Shelkar have been among the ministers from the start;
Though well endowed by wisdom through mind’s skills,
Have not been appointed chipon but am self accomplished.

A certainly suitable private minister of Dong Bumpa
Is the prince of Dentri, maternal uncle Jangtra;
More than that, among the brothers of the Lesser lineage,
Are matchless warriors in fine formations of the tigress.

No need for the added assistance of White Ling;
Thought of bringing southern Zambuling under our power;
Consider if it is so and give thought Chipon;
Brother Chipon, hold these words in your mind.

After these words had been offered in song, the Chipon of Dong – Rongtsa Tragen thought some more and then unravelled the ‘Predictions of the creation of reality’ by chanting this song to Gyatsa Shelkar:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

This site is called the ‘Fortress armoured Chipon’;
Shelkar, do listen to this Chipon’s song;
Though told to listen, it is not the teachings of Dharma
Yet below I relate an accurate account.

One, the original texts of the world of Dong;
Two, the predictions of the Lotus born deity of Orgyan;
Three, the mistaken dream of me, the Chipon;
Four, the arrangement of excellent auspicious signs.

Through the power of merit, divine prince came to be;
But in the adages of the ancient people,
‘The clear fluid of molten yellow gold
Will not stick on the horn of stone.’

The prince appointed by the supreme deities above,
If brought forth by relatives in grand ceremony
Will not be the esteem of unbiased beings.

This divine prince of Gogmo who hails from Dong,
Unless sitting on the golden throne through miracles,
Even if left alone without honouring him;
His power, the powerful will go ahead and assume.

No need for the shoulder support of father’s elder brother;
Granted, Dong’s Lesser lineage has not forgotten paternal Descent;
Else this grandstanding of the Lesser lineage
And this collection of the best warriors, ministers and chiefs,
Though there’s no thought that they cannot overcome foes;
Hold fast onto mother Gogmo’s divine prince that’s been born.

Perfect plans will come after freedom is won;
Have no fear in mind, for I have obtained confidence;
Though work postponed, do not be afraid.

Until the prince attains the age of twelve,
Whatever he does, we must but follow on;
No need for counsel on what needs to be done.

The tribes of enemy demons will certainly be defeated;
Though status exchanged, no problems will come;
Chief Shelkar, let your mind be at ease.
As for me the Chipon, my mind’s at peace.

Chief Shelkar and relations, sit on the golden throne;
I, the elder brother will be the shepherd of minds;
Minister Denma will lead the forces in front and Ling’s
Fierce warriors will be arrayed in Tigress’ face formations.
Such actions have been appointed from the past;
Now it will not be long for the sun of happiness to rise;
Bumpa, hold these words in your mind.

And then after having detailed discussions and counsels regarding matters within and without, Gyatsa Shelkar returned in a very pleased state of mind.

to continue …

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