Chapter – V

Assisted by the deities on high,

The supreme steed Kyang Goe was caught;

The suitable refuge that Sengcham Drugmo was,

She repeatedly offered auspicious prayers.


The next day onwards, the four – Rakza Getso of Dong’s great father, Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo, Neuchung of Ngolo Kyi and the kind-hearted mother Gogmo and their lasso that ‘Naturally summons the three realms’ went in search of the steed Kyang Goe.

They all circled the Indian mountains from the right. They circled the Chinese mountains from the left. They even roughed up the Nepalese mountains. Yet they did not see Kyang Goe.

Then with clarity they closely observed upper India. With clarity they closely observed lower China. With the light that’s clear on peak tops, from the excellent ground of the ‘Pass of Prayers’ Gogmo looked across and observed Kyang Goe. Kyang Goe was in the midst of a large herd of kyang.

She thought, “The qualities of this dhowa steed are that its tail and manes are turquoise blue. Its skin is of yellow gold and its four hooves have wheels of wind.

Now it’s been eight years since it was released into the mountains. The wild horse has been reared and looked after by the spirits and deities. It’s been protected from a distance by the local deity. On its back, it has not experienced any other thing save rain water, so now if I shout and call it, one cannot be certain it wouldn’t run away? But if one relies on the ‘Three jewels’ one will not be deceived.”

Then from the bottom of her heart she prayed and requested three times saying, “The Three Jewels, deities and lamas are omniscient” and then called out “Come, come, fly here. Kyang Goe come, come, fly here.”

At this, all the kyang were startled like dust scattered by the wind. Like a son hearing a mother’s voice, Kyang Goe came forwards. When it was on the verge of being caught, it looked back and raced after the herd of kyang as far as the distance covered by an arrow shot from a bow. Again it appeared as if attracted to its mother and remained listening with its ears and observing them. It did not go after its mother and it did not go after the kyang herd.

At that point, while it appeared hesitant, mother Gogmo sang this song to the tune of ‘The Unchanging Life-span song’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the pure land realms that enjoy space,
Omniscient Dorje Phagmo, the only mother;
From the sacred site arrayed in turquoise leaves,
Omniscient White and Green Jetsun Drolma;
This day come and befriend this mother.

The very capable ‘Lord of dhowa’ – Kyang Goe;
Being a deity horse, human language you understand;
I being a deity that’s human, horse talk do hear.

If I were to relate and recount my reality;
The naga-human White Protector’s relative be;
The Bejewelled Lu Tsugna’s daughter be;
Initiatory gift for the Lotus Born master be;
Gog Ralotsang’s favourite one be;
The ruler Senglon’s tea-maker be
And the mother of divine prince Joru I am.

If I were I to relate the root cause of my coming;
The sword of meteor for Ling’s paternal plans;
Kyalo’s people, property and attendants and
The seven pairs of gems – the instrumental articles;
This year as wager has been placed.

Will be the share of the swiftest steed, it’s said;
Lacking speed, others will miss the share, it’s said;
Joru will come out among the human’s lined up;
You, Kyang Goe must come out among steeds lined up.

The two – you and Joru the divine prince;
From the supreme deities have been appointed;
Meeting place in Dokham Ling will be.

Your goal the Dark Demon must be;
Time to show off ‘six skills’ this year be;
The prize, Kyalo’s men and property be.

I, the mother, will follow you, the steed;
White butter bulu delicacies I have;
Round white feeds of thue to offer I have.

Come, come flying to the lineage of the gold bit;
Come, come flying to the lineage of turquoise halter;
In the deity steed’s mind, hold these words.

After these words had been sung, the deity steed Kyang Goe felt, “At the time I was a little foal drinking milk, Gogmo did not take care of me or give me palate butter. Now when it appears that only I possess the skill to obtain the paternal property, she pretends to offer me feeds. These are words of desperation. Whatever the matter, as a form of purification and penalty for not rearing and feeding me when I was little, I will act as if I have not been caught.”

Then it chanted this song to the tune of ‘The Long neighing song’:

E huhu la hudo hu.

Huhu that was repeated three times,
Is the paternal language of dhowa steeds;
Other than that, the rest of the chant,
Is the language of precious human forms.

Externally, I appear like an idiotic animal;
Within my mental continuum, I am a real bodhisattva;
Now, mother Gogmo’s Joru of Ling
And me, capable supreme steed Kyang Goe – the two;
From the deities on high, together appointed;
In Ling of Dokham, have together been born.

But O my dear mother Gogmo,
When you were responsible for me a foal,
Never saw a white butter bulu;
Never saw a round white thue;
My mouth, by myself did always feed.

No need to rear me, a fool is difficult;
No need for feeds, a steed below is difficult;
If not reared and looked after while little,
When grown up, to expect a consoler is difficult.

Though great the prize of paternal property,
For me a dhowa steed, I have no hopes;
Although Ling is troubled by the Demon and Hor,
For me a little foal, I have no quarrel to dispute.

When I a fool, cannot care for myself,
To accomplish the welfare of others is hard;
From the great root lineage, I’ll fly the great feather;
From the body hair lineage, I’ll fly the little flock.

With swift feathers raised up to the sky,
With the middle way lineage, I’ll excel the skies;
I will not remain, but to China set forth;
Mother Gogmo, see for yourself where you should go.

After chanting this song, it flew like a great khyung soaring in space and went off to the ‘Five Peaked mountain’ in China.

At the turn of events, Gogmo thought that though she had been severely blamed for not rearing and looking after the supreme steed while it was young, yet if she couldn’t get hold of it, what would she tell Joru. She kept beating her chest like a great drum and she shed tears that kept descending like rain showers. The two Rakza and Neuchung looked on in astonishment.

Drugmo remarked, “You’ve said your personal deities are the Lotus Born One from Orgyan, the White son that sprung forth from the crown, the Blue son that sprung forth from the heart and the Dakini that sprung forth from the umbilicus. If what you’ve said has any truth, this is the time they are needed. If they cannot be of help to us at this time I don’t think there is any truth in them.”

All of a sudden, Gogmo’s awareness became extremely clear. She felt she should summon them as reinforcements to assist them and so she chanted this song of ‘Summoning the deities’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the sacred palace of Zangdok Palri,
Omniscient kind-hearted lord – the root lama,
Surrounded by a retinue of deities and dakinis;
This day, come and befriend Gogmo.

The lasso – miracle of the sun;
Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe’s neck;
Kindly help and give me the lasso’s end.

From the crown’s palace of great bliss,
Omniscient Dungkhyung Karpo – elder brother;
This day, come and befriend a mother.

The lasso – miracle of the moon;
Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe’s neck;
Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso’s end.

From the heart’s palace of Dharma,
Omniscient Ludrul Woechung – younger brother;
This day, come and befriend a mother.

The lasso – miracle of the stars;
Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe’s neck;
Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso’s end.

From the umbilical wheel of emanation,
Omniscient Singcham Thale Woetro;
This day, come and befriend a mother.

Hold the silk scarf of the dakinis in your hands;
Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe’s neck;
Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso’s end.

Omniscient Dorje Sempa of the east;
Omniscient Rinchen Jungne of the south;
Omniscient Nangwa Thaye of the west;
Omniscient Donyoe Drupa of the north;
Omniscient great deity Tsangpa from above;
Omniscient Eight great nagas from below;
All come and befriend Gogmo;
Kindly help catch Kyang Goe from the mountains.

Whether the boy Joru attains the ruler’s throne,
Depends at present, on the supreme deities on high;
Hold these words, in the supreme ones’ minds.

After this request had been made, for a while each of the deities in their own way stood up from their abodes and came forth to assist in catching Kyang Goe.

From the infinite winds of space, in a corner on the right side of the sun on a carpet of white overcast clouds, a rainbow tent was set up. Clear sounds of thunder roared. Pleasing tunes of the cuckoo sounded. A shower of blossoms descended. Petals of light rain came tinkling down. The lamas voice of Dharma was distinct. After the beats of the dro dance had been completed, there was a great roar of ‘ki’ and ‘so’ sounds. The distant chirping of dakinis song sounded. Tinkling sounds of Kyang Goe’s neighing song appeared.

Although the two, Rakza and Neuchung remarked about hearing these auspicious signs, yet Gogmo said, “I did not hear anything at all” and did not believe them. At that moment all the deities appeared in front of them in space in a colourful heap in a reduced form like fodder that has been eaten by the dark brown vulture. They were at distance of an arrow shot in a swirl of rainbow lights.

The main figure was one of Orgyan Rinpoche – the Lotus Born one who appeared white with a red radiance and he looked down with a smile of his face. On his right was Dungkhyung Karpo. On his left was Ludrul Woechung. In front was Thale Woetro and so on. Each of them appeared with their complete attire and articles associated with them.

Orgyan Rinpoche and his entire retinue chanted this song for the mother Gogmo:

From the palace of the expanse of phenomenon in Ogmin,
Omniscient buddha – the great Dorje Chang;
Looks on compassionately on all sentient beings,
Steering the six realms of beings to the Dharma;
Guides the six classes of beings from samsara.

The one that will guard the Buddha’s teachings,
Is the nephew of Gog – the divine prince Joru;
The time is ripe, for deity prince to come out to work.
With the capable supreme steed – Kyang Goe;
A deity person must always be inseparable with it.

I the kind-hearted root guru,
Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of sun’s rays;
Elder brother – Dungkhyung Karpo,
Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of moon.

Younger brother – Ludrul Woechung,
Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of stars;
Younger sister – Singcham Thale Woetro
Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of rainbow lights;
Lasso’s end, to you Gogmo will be given.

May you happily hold the stallion’s reins;
May you never let go of it, once it’s held;
May the Buddha’s doctrine in general, be accomplished;
May the plans for highland Tibet’s existence succeed;
May the Dark forces that harm be subjugated;
May the status and prestige of the white forces be raised;
May whatever prayed for be actualised.

After chanting these words, each of the deities gave their lasso ends to the mother and they went off to their own abodes like the disappearance of a rainbow.

Now that Kyang Goe had come into her hands, the mother felt that since Drugmo did not believe that she possessed the deities, she should create an embarrassing situation for her.

So she said, “O lady Sengcham, I wonder if you can believe that I really met the Lotus born lama and others in the sky in front of me? Am I telling the truth?”

Drugmo appeared embarrassed and looked down at the ground and said, “You are telling the truth. Now let’s go and introduce the steed. In order to open the great secret of the dhowa, we need to seal it with virtuous prayers.”

Gogmo thought that was true, but there was a specific time at which the steed was to be handed over to Joru. After they had come to a certain point, Gogmo felt that she should present an explanatory praise of the qualities of the steed.

So she turned around and began, “O dear children, this steed of me and my son – its ear tips are the demon’s spy. Its ear holes the secret den of bandits. Its eyes are the decorations of passes. Its upper lip is a fine wall of stacked scriptures. Its chest is to open the entrance to the deities. Its large ribs are like a great tent set up. Its smaller ribs are like a smaller tent set up. Its four hooves like four short standing pillars. Its four joints like something to be given separately. Its four prints are like round white helmets. Its tail is like water sprinkling down precipitous rocks. Its hind parts are like a fine round Chinese cauldron.

Its back is a well-arranged servant. Its manes are like the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities on a heap of fine clouds. Its tselu is like a host of deities swirling on ambrosia and light rains. Externally it’s a foolish beast. Internally it’s a bodhisattva. The tips of its hair are a flash of paintings by deities. Its hair bases are a flash of naga art work. The middle part of its hairs, are a glimpse of nyen’s drawings. Since it is so swift that between dawn and sun rise it can circle the four continents, it is called the ‘One that’s neither bird nor horse’ and the ‘Swift gem that knows flight’. Does this sound truthful?”

The ladies said, “The steed’s figure and the praise are in accord. It is not possible to come across such an exceptional steed on this earth. Now let’s go” and as earlier they went down for a short distance.

Then Gogmo turned around and spoke of the three higher attributes of the steed at which the ladies remarked, “How can any other horse compare with one that’s an incarnation of divinity? Now let’s go swiftly or else we risk being scolded by the chiefs” they said and went below.

When they had reached a certain point, Gogmo again turned around and said, “Dongtsen’s steed ‘Turquoise Bird that knows flight’; Tagrong’s steed ‘That can soar over mountains’; Sengtak’s steed ‘Smooth Silk over a thousand mountains’; Serpa’s steed ‘Goose with golden eggs’; Gade’s ‘Stormy dark wind’, Darphen’s steed ‘Great wheat, Turquoise manes’, Denma’s steed ‘Graceful accomplishments’, Trothung’s steed ‘Black tailed Jackal’, Chipon’s steed ‘Gathering of a hundred deers’ and Senglon’s steed ‘Collection of mature shoots’ – although compared to this horse of ours, these steeds are well known all over the kingdom as fine dhowa steeds, yet none of them can truly rival this supreme steed of ours.”

“Oh, yes. That’s right” the ladies added.

Again after moving down a little bit, she gave a passing glance behind her and said, “This horse of ours – mother and son, when observed, it has a fine physique and if raced it has vigour and stamina. Except for Joru, none other can be the owner of Kyalo’s men and property. Except for Kyang Goe, none can pick up the prized silk trophy. The others kept silent and did not give a reply.

Now Joru’s emanation which was inseparable from his own body, was present along with them and seeing his mother’s behaviour Joru felt that it was necessary to bring down the pride of his mother and offer a ‘Purification rite’ or else there was a risk of her descending into the lower realms of suffering. So unseen he let out a very loud and completely meaningless shrill sound and at the same time gave a hard whack to the steed with his ‘White willow stick’. The supreme steed flew away into the sky like a soaring great khyung. Gogmo too held onto the steed’s neck like a sacred protection thread and so she too was taken along.

Then Kyang Goe took Gogmo along to all the places above the Stupa in China; all the places below the Stone pillar of Lhasa in the Central province; to the sacred sites of the nomads – the five relations and to the sites of the thirteen local Gurlha deities. Taking her to all these places he circumambulated once in the right direction and then later moved upwards near the edges of the sun.

Although the sun’s rays served them some heat Gogmo remarked to Kyang Goe, “Until my body and consciousness do not separate, I will not order you. In case I die, I have only you on whom to place the burden of my sins and defilements. So now you decide what’s best for yourself.”

The Lord of dhowas – Kyang Goe, descended on the ‘Fragrant incense mountain’ of India like the reduction in size of foodstuff when a dark brown vulture feeds.

She chanted this ‘Purification rite’ song to the kind-hearted mother Gogmo:

E huhu la E huhu;
Ehu is the language of steeds.

Now hearken to me mother Gogmo;
If you cannot distinguish this site from others;
It’s the ‘Fragrant incense mountain’ of India.
My encircling the edges of the world,
Was to purify your obscurations, mother dear.

Life’s impermanent like water falling off steep rocks;
The body’s youthfulness is like rainbows in the sky;
Wealth and enjoyments are like dew drops on grass;
Great renown is like the sound of winds in Jangthang;
The foe Lord of death is like lightning of the sky.

When conditions suddenly arise, they are difficult to repel;
When human life has been obtained this time – now;
Do not relax; work hard at the Dharma of deities
And acquire the fruits of perfect virtuous practices.

Jealousy, miserliness, ignorance and suchlike;
If one perseveres in non-virtuous negativities,
Powerlessly led by the butcher of the hells,
One experiences the intolerable hot and cold sufferings.

Therefore, at all times and in every situation,
To the lama and the Three Jewels
Make requests from the depths of your heart
And always, make offerings and prostrations.

Don’t let your mouth relax but recite the six syllables;
For sentient beings that have been your past parents,
Avoid ill feelings but on bodhicitta meditate.

From now onwards if negativities are not accumulated,
The day one’s illusory body is cast away,
Into the perfect and pure great bliss realms
One enters disguised and certainly will be reborn there.

Moreover, this is not all there is;
Countries like India, China, Nepal and others –
The treasuries of the wealth of the earth;
The divine prince through miraculous power will acquire.

The three – Hor, Jang and Demon; Mon and others,
That are of demon tribes and race will be defeated;
They are but lands for the divine prince to subdue.

From Ogmin – supreme realms of the expanse of phenomena,
The Lotus Born lama of Orgyan,
The two – the divine prince and me, Kyang Goe,
For the welfare of sentient beings, commanded us.

The sword of meteor the paternal plans of Ling
And Kyalo’s men, property and attendants;
With Kyang Goe’s skilled feats will obtain as prize.

Divine prince, be seated on the golden throne;
No need for doubts, kind-hearted mother;
In your mother’s mind, hold these words.

After Kyang Goe has chanted these words, Gogmo too was filled with faith and joy and the two of them – the horse and human being returned together.

At the time, the precious divine prince sat beside the entrance of Elder brother Aku Trothung’s residence and requested, “O Aku Trothung. My mother has gone after the horse and I the motherless little son have no place to go to. No place to put up. My stomach is hungry and my throat shakes. My windpipe has dried up and is unbearable. Most fortunate Aku, engulfed in prosperity, won’t you grant me a sip to drink and a mouthful to eat?”

He called out in such a manner that even the deity Tsangpa would have been overcome with sadness and the dakinis too would have shed tears.

His mother heard his distressed appeal and became extremely concerned and said, “Oh! Oh! Dear son of mother. Even in the past when the two of us – mother and son were hungry and famished, Aku Trothung never gave us refuge. Now too he will not give any food. It is better to ask the Three Jewels to look after us. As a result of the deities and lamas having actualised their enlightened activities, the steed has been caught. Now come quickly to welcome the steed.”

Joru did not get up from the front of the entrance and just muttered, “Kyang Goe, come, come and fly here” which the steed heard. It immediately pulled and dragged Gogmo in that direction.

Gogmo thought that she would hold on to the horse resolutely even at the cost of her own life until she was able to hand it over to Joru.

So she said, “Now come here quickly. If not kill your mother. There’s even a risk of losing the steed.”

At this, Joru remarked, “O Mother, since the mother with ideas and the steed with knowledge have come together there’ll be no problems. Send it along.”

It went to the place where Joru was and presented itself before him in the manner one pay respects to lineage masters. The moment they met, it went down and huddled up. Then it turned over on its back once and rattled its hair. Since it had been a long time while since they had met it went about sniffing Joru’s body and tears glistened in its eyes. Joru too embraced the neck of the steed and shed tears from his eyes. The mother also became saddened when she recollected that earlier they had not been suitable for each other.

Seeing how they were on such favourable terms and joyous, she thought that should make a confession as the root cause for the steed and human beings having separated earlier, had been her doing. So she prostrated and said prayers.

At that moment hearing the commotion Trothung enquired, “Was it Joru who yelled out in anguish and was squeaking this morning? What’s this roar of drums and cymbals now?” and then when he looked and saw that the mother Gogmo and her son had got hold of the supreme steed and that Gogmo appeared to be prostrating to it, his mind was disturbed. He thought, “Oh no! Oh no! Now that earlier incident was not the prophecy of Tamdrin. It was really the evil omen of Joru. Now I must devise a means as illustrated by the adage:

‘Supreme males are by speech deceived;
Medium males are by wealth lured
And inferior males are by food tricked.’

So he said, “Dear nephew of Uncle. Oh, dear me! This morning when I heard the noise I did not know it was you my nephew. If I don’t offer you food and drinks, who else would I give to? From where have you acquired this horse?” he asked.

“Oh! This is the wild mare Wheat Goddess’s foal – a steed that possesses all the qualities. It’s the horse that has remained in the wild for eight years Sir. Now with the combined effort of humans and deities it has been captured. So I don’t have to go on foot from now on, Sir” Joru related to him.

Aku Trothung remarked, “Oh! Humble and poverty stricken nephew! What a sad and pitiable story you have. So now the two of us – Uncle and nephew should get together. We should get our horses together.”

Joru added, “Yes the horses can get together. To make up for the difference you must offer the two of us – mother and son, meat, fodder and the hind parts of fully grown animals – in short whatever we desire to eat of sweet and tasty delicacies. Something that’s fat and has plenty to eat. Something, that’ll have leftovers after we’ve had our fill. Won’t you provide us such fare?”

Aku Trothung then made a lavish offer, “To say whatever you desire to eat is infant’s talk. Just to celebrate nephew’s coming to my doorstep I can offer whatever you desire of food. To make up for the difference in horses, I can offer you a hundred boxes of tea whose batches have not been broken; a hundred butter items whose leather packing has not been sealed; a hundred loads of tsampa whose strings have not been untied; a hundred animals whose body parts have not been divided and a hundred loads of wheat that have been measured with a dre.”

At this Joru said, “Now Aku let’s go up. First give us some food to eat. We can talk of getting the horses together later on.” Aku Trothung went into his house with a large smile on his face.

He brought and offered them a complete and excellent set of tea, chang, meat and butter and said, “Alright. Alright, Uncles’s nephew, Uncle enjoys and loves horses. Nephew enjoys and loves food. This little kyang without a pilot – if a beggar rides it; it’s risky for one’s life. This tea, chang, meat, thue and tsampa powder is to celebrate the meeting of Uncle and nephew.

Until today, the two of us – Uncle and nephew have been from early morn at odds like iron and tongue’s tip. Late at night we’ve been like the sun and eyes. With minds not in accord we’ve been foes with hatred towards each other.

From this day onwards, let’s cast away the evil residues and join the good ends. Secret words, let’s share with each other. Hidden eatables, let’s offer each other. Let each one’s mind rely and trust the other. The profit from having the horses together will be given to you.”

Joru added, “Alright, let’s do things that way. Now:

When males drink chang, one’s mind opens up;
When elders drink tea, their senses clear.’

So now I will drink the chang and mother will drink the tea.”

He then imbibed the chang, which first hit his head. That elevated the status of his head and he felt higher than the sky. Next the drink’s power hit his tongue. The continuum of his stories stretched longer than a river. Finally, the effects hit his mind. His mental continuum became clearer than the moon.

He displayed a little bit of drunken behaviour and looked up at Aku Trothung. He then looked down at Kyang Goe and with a smile on his face he chanted this song to the tune of ‘The leisurely descent of the river’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

The three – dharmakaya, sambhogkaya and nirmankaya;
The three, five and a hundred families of deities;
Host of dakas, dakinis and guardian protectors;
Come all to Joru’s assistance.

Listen Aku, to this song of Joru;
When little, you severed your parent’s affection;
When young, you scorned Cause and Effect;
When aged, you have all sufferings complete;
Now when you die, the hells are even worse;
Your life story is truly depressing.

At dawn, this morning I dreamt;
Dreamt of a male without property acquiring it;
Dreamt of a person with food, hiding it;
Dreamt of tasty food being kept as entry fodder.

When I, Joru’s mind do examine these;
The rich are blameless, desiring to collect, love goods;
The poor are blameless, their minds are attached to foods;
Faults of self and others; who’s worse than whom?

If observed now, it appears to be Aku;
For you love business, games and the good life three;
I, Joru the businessman have an ingenious mind;
You, my partner Aku have a heart pulse that’s coarse;
A business deal does not appear apparent to me.

The two – me, Joru and the supreme steed;
If not going forth together and inseparably;
Hard to accomplish commands of supreme ones;
Hard to hold onto, highland Tibet’s plans for existence;
Hard to vanquish, the Hor and Demon enemies.

This morning I was not as I am now;
Having eaten, my pride has grown in stature;
Having a full stomach, steed’s value too has increased;
Now without mating steed, I will set forth;
You, Aku keep these words in your mind.

After having sung these words, the mother and son both finished off the tea, chang and eatables until there was nothing left over. They got up and just as they were about to go Joru gave Aku a hard pat that he did not appreciate. It made a loud “shak” sound and Joru remarked “Oh! What a pitiable sight” in a derisive manner. They took their steed and then beaming with a broad and clear smile on his face Joru and his mother left.

The people of Ling asked Joru about his horse. To some he remarked that it was bought. To others he said it was something he found. To still others he claimed it was borrowed. Then there were people to whom he said he had stolen it and finally they arrived at the castle fortress of Ngulchu Trodzong.

Gyatsa Shelkar also known as fair Shellu of Bumpa was meditating on the ‘Great compassionate one’ when Joru threw a stone on the glassed balcony on the eastern side that broke the glass making a “trob” sound.

Joru shouted in jest, “Oh! You dead son of Gadeh, before you’ve even aged, you are sitting in retreat; before it’s time to die, you’re reciting your mantras. Come and have a look at this steed.”

Gyatsa Shelkar abruptly got up from his retreat, excused himself from his meditative activities, ran down the larger steps and jumped the smaller steps and enquired, “Oh dear! Oh dear! Isn’t this Kyang Goe?”

Joru replied, “I don’t know about something called Kyang Goe. I bought this off the hands of Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. In payment I have agreed to hand over the accumulated wealth of you Gyatsa, Denma and Elder brother the Chipon and others. On top of that he wanted me to be his serf for a lifetime.”

Gyatsa Shelkar’s mind became extremely disturbed and he said, “I have a steed ‘White Mongolian phoenix’ and its helper ‘White assembled’. Chipon has ‘Assembly of a hundred deers’ and its helper ‘Wheatish crystal egg’. Denma has ‘Graceful attainments’ and its helper ‘Little Peach vajra’. We have all these steeds and you could ride any of these. How can it be true when it is said that the divine race of Ling surrendered to the demon. Before you’ve obtained your own wealth in your own hands, who gave you the power to hand things over to others? Who is the owner of this horse and if you don’t return it, I will do as in the saying:

‘If a son turns into an enemy;
The father is responsible for killing him’

and have no regrets about it whatsoever. He then picked up five or six stone markers and threw them at Joru.

Joru stopped playing the fool and said, “Oh! It’s not like that. I don’t even know this person called Beru of Dong. This is the foal of the wild mare ‘Wheat Goddess’. It really is” he added and called out to it three times.

Gyatsa Shelkar too relaxed in his mind and smiled. The two brothers went inside and discussed how to win the paternal property for the Lesser lineage.

Then on the morrow which was the propitious day, Joru took Kyang Goe to the door of Kyalo Tsang and spoke, “O Sengcham Drugmo, since it’s the time to put into practice in colourful Ling what you have promised in Lower Ma, kindly give me the saddle and accessories and offer some aspirational prayers.”

Kyalo Tsang welcomed him in as a guest and placed him on a seat. He was offered a ceremonial scarf and served chang and a feast of whatever he desired. Sengcham gave Kyang Goe the golden saddle and offered the whip to Joru. The whip handle was decorated with silk. She then chanted this song to the melody of the ‘Five deities of perfect grace’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the palace of Zandok Palri,
The Lotus Born deity of Orgyan
Is by awareness holders, dakas and dakinis encircled;
From the sacred western site of Orgyan,
Dorje Phagmo, the only mother
Is by a retinue of a hundred thousand dakinis encircled;
From the pure realms arrayed by turquoise leaves,
The white and green Jetsun Drolma,
Is by a host of conqueror’s son bodhisattvas encircled;
This day, look down on me with love.

So, hearken to me, divine prince Joru;
There’s no need to relate the story of my life;
When called I am Sengcham Drugmo.

Today at the start of the auspicious occasion;
This complete roll of white Chinese silk,
Is a ceremonial scarf for meeting you, divine prince.

The life-supporting axle of the Buddha’s doctrine,
The refuge of all of humanity
And the pilot guiding beings; May you achieve.
This is the first prayer of mine.

And then the second prayer of mine:
This gold saddle with nine rounds of designs,
Is a saddle of red sandal wood.
The front strap is of zahog brocade and gold thread;
The stirrups of white silver with pata designs;
It’s the treasure article of the Lu Migon Karpo.
It’s the gift for initiation of the Lotus Born one;
It’s the lucky charm of wealthy Kyalo;
This day, I offer it to you – divine prince.
The lord of four cornered earth and powerful ruler
Of the four continents; May you achieve.

And then the third prayer of mine:
The gold saddle, square woollen rug and such items;
This day, I place on the steed Kyang Goe.
Placed on other horses, too massive it would be;
For Kyang Goe here, it’s just right;
With you on the saddle, four continents encircled
And foes of the four directions tamed; May you achieve.

And then the fourth prayer of mine:
This gold bridle ‘Wish fulfilling gem’;
Its mouth piece of yellow gold;
Its tongue knot of silver white;
Its head piece – embroidery of five kinds of zahog;
The reins ‘Long term merits’ be
And rein handles ‘Guidance of deities’ be;
The enemies – Hor and Demons; May you oppress;
The Dharma teaching of high Tibet; May peace reign.

And then the fifth prayer of mine:
Gold bridle, turquoise halter and suchlike,
This day on this divine steed will put on.
Put on other horses, too large it would be;
On this Kyang Goe, it’s just right;
The hero that protects a hundred males
And places bridles on a hundred steeds; May you be.

And then the sixth prayer of mine:
This whip that ‘Achieves all wishes’;
The handle of the ‘Wish fulfilling gem’
And whip tail of dakinis silk strings be.
In order for the Being to work for sentient’s welfare,
The enlightened acts of the dakinis; May they bear fruit.

And then the seventh prayer of mine;
The whip of three knotted cane and ends of silk;
If applied on other horses, too great it would be;
On this Kyang Goe, it’s just right;
This day, with whip hasten the divine steed;
Mighty person waving whips on heads; May you be.
Great power to speak to people; May you have.

And then the eighth prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a white snowlion, it’s truly amazing;
Unhindered by snow, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
Your status higher than the blue sky;
Without sinking; May your victory banners be stable.

And then the ninth prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a ferocious tiger, it’s truly amazing;
Unobstructed by forests, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
Roar the profound secret Dharma with your Tsangpa’s voice
And the borderland barbarians; May you to Dharma turn.

And then the tenth prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a yellow faced drong, it’s truly amazing;
Unhindered by barren mountains, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
In your mind, all objects of knowledge without remainder,
The status of omniscience; May you swiftly attain.

And then the eleventh prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a great khyung, it’s truly amazing;
Unobstructed in the heavens, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
The treasure mines of the eighteen great fortresses –
Open them and flourishing; May you enjoy them.

And then the twelfth prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a great stag, it’s truly amazing;
Unhindered in the meadows, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
All sentient beings from their sufferings
Liberating them; May you their refuge become.

And then the thirteenth prayer of mine:
This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe;
Is like a gazelle; it’s truly amazing;
Unobstructed over passes, your sheen flaunt;
If possessing the Great secret, this day reveal;
If possessing speed, this day race;
You, Joru the divine prince of Gogmo,
A ruler that protects sentient beings
And a guide for the future; May you become.

This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe
Like fish that reside in the water;
Unhindered by water, disclose the Great secret.
Like the eyeballs of slightly skilled abra
Unhindered by earth, disclose the Great secret.
Like wheels of wind that your four hooves are;
Encircling the four continents, disclose the Great secret.

Do not lose to the blue ‘Turquoise Bird’;
Do not lag behind Kyang Goe;
Do not load paternal property on others;
Ki cho cho cho la lha-ta cho.

May the steed with kyang’s form, win the prize;
May the divine prince, be placed on the throne;
May the good tidings, spread across the realm;
Divine prince, hold these words in your mind.

After chanting these words, she offered the saddle and accessories and disclosed the Great secret. She offered excellent prayers and presented into the hands of the divine prince the white silk without stains. Joru was pleased in his mind and with a radiant smile gave Drugmo a pale drukar turquoise decorated by white silk and then proceeded forth to the assembly yard of the Horse race.

to continue …

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