Chapter – IV

To clear the sins and obscurations of Drugmo,

Joru exhibited a variety of miracles;

Drugmo having developed faith in Joru,

Returned together with him, to Upper Lingkar.


Then Joru broke his spell on the emanation and went to Lower Ma. Drugmo too came down.

When she arrived at the horse-like boulder in Sib, the area appeared to be full of Jorus throughout the day, evening and in the hours that intervened. The thought occurred to her, “Earlier when he was expelled to Lower Ma there were only three Jorus. Now this spirit child has spread everywhere in Ma. So if one calls for Joru, how does one call and who to cast away. If all of them come, should one talk to one of them or two of them” she wondered and remained in a state of confusion.

Once it happened that all the others were nowhere to be seen. Only one pale white Joru was around and she thought of calling out to him. But he too went and entered a abra hole. Now she felt that, since she would not be able to hand him over to Gyatsa Shelkar, her parents, elder brother and all the others would certainly suffer misery.

After a long time, Joru himself came out of the burrow with the king of abras – the ‘Big mouthed abra’ who was of the same length as him. They were of the same strength. Sometimes Joru pressed it from above. At other times the abra overpowered Joru from above. They threw and pulled each other for a long time at the end of which the abra appeared more capable.

Joru seemed to be in a desperate situation and was at the point of death. Drugmo’s heart could not tolerate this state of affairs. So she took a stone and flung it at the abra. It hit him at the base of its nose and killed it.

Drugmo’s dark boil and her footsteps startled the abra ‘Red eyes’ which severed the summons-rope, disturbed the summons-stones and broke the summons-pole and resulted in the abra escaping to the mountains.

The prince of deities, Joru acted as if he did not know what had happened and said, “In the past, there was a female spirit beside the horse-like boulder of Sib. It seems it is still spreading around in these parts. It has got carried away and killed the abra I was considering rearing. The abra I considered killing, it has let is escape. The root cause of all this rests with you – female spirit” he scolded, and then unfastened the sling ‘that rotates a thousand boulders’ from his waist. He placed the abra flesh, abra head, abra lungs, abra intestines and abra hairs at the bottom of the sling.

By acting as if he mistook Drugmo for the female spirit in order to subdue the smell eating spirit, he chanted this song to the tune of ‘The leisurely descent of the great river’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

On cushions of lotus and moon on my crown,
Omniscient lama – the Vajra Holder;
From the infinite expanse of the invisible,
Omniscient host of conquerors – peaceful and wrathful deities;
This day, come forth and assist the divine prince.

If you do not recognise this site;
The areas that I Joru have not come to,
The ruler of upper India has occupied;
Those not occupied, ‘Plains of layman’s dharma’ termed;
The ruler of low China has occupied;
Those not occupied, ‘Plains of layman’s dharma’ termed.

It’s the passages of the two – spirits and sinpos;
It’s the gathering groves of mamos and tsen;
Human heads scream and crackling sounds abound;
Horses’ neighs clearly tinkle aloud
And dogs yelp and howl distinctly.

Since I, Joru have arrived here;
Above, have set up rainbow tents;
Below, plants and forests have flourished;
In between, a shower of blossoms have brought down;
It’s called the ‘Triangular crossroad’ of Lower Ma.

In the groves of good fortune of the land of Ma;
If me, you do not recognise;
Appointed by the supreme deities I am;
Born in upper white Ling I am;
Procreated by my mother Gogmo I am;
Located in the land of Ma I am;
I am called ‘the divine prince of Gogmo’.

This sling shot in my hands;
It’s the earliest one among armaments;
It’s a weapon that is swift of speed;
Its “tsak” sounds subdue demons of the dark side;
Its “khob” sounds spirits and sinpos decimate.

So female spirit, hearken to me;
From the horse-like boulder of Sib,
This solitary female spirit that I was incapable of,
In the past, did Joru great harm;
Now too, does Joru great harm;
This day, if it’s not overcome and vanquished,
Will harm all future generations of the world.

The abra I thought to rear, killed by excessive acts;
The abra I thought to kill, let loose by excessive acts;
Summons-stone of slate, disturbed by excessive acts;
Summons-pole in pieces, smashed by excessive acts
And summons-rope of horse tail, broken by excessive acts.

Oh! The great cause of all this harm;
Its root basis, rests with you female spirit.
I, who accomplish the task of the supreme ones,
With plans for the peaceful existence of future generations,
Do perform an exorcism rite over you female spirit;
Your life-force not severed, henceforth control yourself.

He chanted in this way and as he completed the song he let fly the sling shot with a “tsak khob” sound and it hit Dugmo. The hair on her head was destroyed. Her teeth were flung about. The splendour and dazzle of her body deteriorated. Without going anywhere, she held onto her horse – Brown Wheat Khyung and kept crying.

Joru fastened his sling to his waist and went into the little tent ‘Just Adequate’ and said, “Mother, while I was chasing the abra in Khenlung area of the Abs, beside the horse-like boulder of Sib I noticed someone like Drugmo crying away with a humming noise. But I was not able to go to her.”

The mother thought, “What reason could have brought Drugmo here? But one never knows since this son of mine is rather unusual? This year’s feast given by Trothung and such events as the Horse race of the Ling divisions, are a result of his miracles…so one never knows. Wonder what could have happened to Drugmo?”

She quickly went to see for herself. Drugmo appeared to be in a state of great fear and helplessness and unrecognisable. So she queried, “Who are you? Where are you going?”

Drugmo replied, “Earlier, at the gathering of the Ling divisions, it was decided to summon Joru to Ling at the time of the Horse race. Kyang Goe was to be captured from the mountains. He was to be placed among those of the Lesser lineage participants. So obviously, Gyatsa Shelkar sent me as a messenger to call Joru.

Now look at the evidence of what he has done to me a person who is like a mother without food who has a son without knowledge and badly behaved.

Now, you just keep watching, for I will avenge myself until he is dead. I will talk about him, not only to the father and son of Kyalo and the divisions of Ling, but also to the two – the capable Nyima Gyaltsen of Beru and the handsome minister Berkar.

I will make sure of him so that you, his mother will see when you look and hear when you listen. Do you understand me?”

Gogmo was extremely frightened and felt that though she did not know about Nyima Gyaltsen of Beru and the minister Berkar as she had not heard of them. But as events now had come to such a situation, it was as if her live heart would definitely be taken out of her back. Oh what a pitiful situation it had come to she thought.

So she said, “Now, you come into the little tent. This Joru is the lord of emanations. I can request him to correct your appearance and produce a greater dazzle and radiance than you possessed earlier.”

Drugmo too, hoping for treatment went and followed her. To Drugmo’s eyes it seemed that the little tent ‘Just Adequate’ consisted of white, black and coloured patches that had been set up wrongly stitched up by white thread. Its top had been brought down by black thread and it looked like the bark of dead wood.

She thought, “If I go into this, then on top of all this misery, there’s great risk of being polluted by defilements,” so she did not go inside.

Joru reflected, “This tent of mine has the essential characteristics of the twenty four countries, the thirty two holy pilgrimage sites and the eight great cemeteries. The self arisen power of this load of pieces of patched cloth renders it immune to harm from non-material beings like evil spirits and deities.

The red patch is an auspicious sign that Drugmo will give birth to a son of mine, a pure lama like molten refined gold who will uphold the lineage of Dharma and turn the three realms towards the Dharma.

The white patch is an auspicious omen that from the ruler will be born one of great merit who will hold the royal dynasty of Tibet. The blue patch auspiciously signifies that a commander of forces with banners on the helmet top-piece will be born who will in future generations resist the forces from the borders.

Moreover, it has within it the entire construction and articles of the palace of Khorlo Demchog. But since this female corpse has shied away fearing pollution by defilements it has created some inauspiciousness. As a penalty for this I will have to create a severe storm of wind and rain.”

Thinking in this way, he turned looked towards the heavens and gazed. With his mind in a state of emptiness and compassion, he summoned the ‘Eight classes’ of harmful beings to come to his aid. Then after placing his mind in equanimity for a short while, suddenly the sky became overcast with clouds, thunder boomed, lightning struck and rain descended.

Drugmo was overcome with intolerable fear and cold. She saw that inside a fire was burning furiously. She felt not going inside now was like causing trouble for oneself. How wonderful it would be if someone now called her inside she thought.

Gogmo enquired of Joru, “I wonder if we should call this Sengcham inside?”

Joru replied, “It is not that the two of us – mother and son have not invited her in. It is she who does not want to come in. But all the same, with the great rain as blessed cleaning water, I have cleansed the three – her hair, teeth and body. With the wind, her stains have been cleared and everything is excellent now. Let her come in” he finally said.

Gogmo said, “Come into the home” and before she had time to hear what was being said Drugmo entered.

Joru said, “Sit here and warm yourself” and then gave her a hard slap on her hairless head without hair that hurt her but she did not say anything due to her hopes for a cure.

Then after she had warmed herself and her stomach had been filled, she related a detailed account of what Gyatsa Shelkar had ordered and the need for Joru to come for the Horse race.

After that the mother began the request and pleaded, “Since you are the prince of deities and lord of miracles, kindly grant Drugmo the ‘true attainments’ of her hair and teeth. Grant her ten times her earlier splendour and radiance. Please do not counter this request of your mother.”

Joru said, “Alright mother. Obviously if she has faith in me and protects her commitments, these can be done. But she has mistaken views regarding me, so it is difficult for blessings to enter her.

Now you, put your palms together. Bow your head. Stay with an attitude of admiration and respect” he ordered and then chanted this song to the tune of “Summoning the white deities”:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the Glorious copper coloured palace,
Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born;
From the throne of the White snowlion,
Omniscient Nene Nammen Karmo;
From the pure lands that enjoy space,
Omniscient Dorje Phagmo, the one mother;
From the realms of the primordial expanse of phenomena,
Omniscient Queen of accomplishments, the one mother;
From within the eastern castle of Dungri,
Omniscient elder brother – Dungkhyung Karpo;
From the naga palaces without warmth,
Omniscient younger brother – Ludrul Woechung;
From the supreme sites of those with braids,
Omniscient Singcham Thale Woetro;
From the colourful castle of the Dralha above,
The ruler of the tsen spirits – Metak Marpo;
All of you, come to Joru’s assistance.

If the ground of this site, you do not recognise;
It’s the deity land Triangular crossroad of Lower Ma;
If me, you do not recognise;
For the sake of the Teachings and sentient’s welfare,
The Lotus Born of Orgyan, I represent.
The Dralha protector of the realms of Tibet I am;
The antidote to the black demons I am;
It’s not self praise but various beings I am.

The one mother, Dorje Phagmo
Surrounded by a hundred thousand dakinis;
Grant the attainment of Drugmo’s hair.
On each hair’s base, print a letter Om;
On each hair’s waist, print a letter Ah;
On each hair’s end, print a letter Hum.

Hair with teachings and paternity established at the back;
Hair with various areas flourishing in front;
Hair that fulfils the wishes of one’s spouse;
Grant these with the enlightened acts of the dakinis.

Tsangpa, Gyejin and the ‘Four great guardian deities’;
Deity child Dungkhyung Karpo and others,
Surrounded by a hundred thousand deity emanations;
Grant Drugmo the attainment of her teeth.

Teeth whose smile brings joy to the entire kingdom;
Teeth whose laughter obstructs don and hindrances;
Teeth that has given up unpleasant and rough speech;
Teeth that brings forth pleasing and excellent language;
Teeth that transforms all words into Dharma;
Grant these with the enlightened acts of the deities.

The four lineage mothers and the principal dakinis;
The one mother, Queen of accomplishments;
The water deity – the mother that cleanses;
Singcham Thale Woetro and others;
Hold the vase filled with ambrosia.

Waters that clear the darkness of ignorance;
Waters that cleanse the predispositions of defilements;
Waters that are a complete set of enjoyments
And qualities like beauty and youthfulness;
May maiden Drugmo enjoy peace and happiness.

After these words were chanted, the deities on high descended down like a shower of rain. The dakinis appeared like overcast clouds. Naga females enveloped the surroundings like vapours from the sea. Hairs arose on Drugmo’s head and on the hairs were letters. She received braids that were decorated with gold and turquoise.

Her mouth acquired teeth and the teeth produced ringsel. Her splendour radiated greater than conch. Her physique became youthful. Since her body became so charmingly beautiful as the result of the clearing of obscurations of generations, she was overjoyed.

She blurted, “O holy, Happy Joru, you have been so kind.”

Joru also added, “You must have experienced a lot of hardships in coming to welcome me from Upper Lingkar. Now sit down and be our guest.”

He then took a great quantity of the dung of an old dri that was trembling and put it into a copper cauldron. He threw in several akar the size of sheep’s head too. Next he added a suitable amount of water and said to his mother, “I have arranged the stove so add fuel to the fire.”

Drugmo thought that now she would have to eat all these various things and would have to experience an immeasurable amount of misery.

After the stuff had boiled he served her in a knotted bowl with hairs. He placed on the right and left several pieces of abra meat the size of lamb and droma the size of horse’s head and said, “Eat and drink until there are no leftovers.”

She too found the food tasty and fearing Jorus orders ate until there was no remaining food. Seeing this, Joru gave a great jeering laugh and remarked, “You have used up in one session all the provisions of support that would have lasted a lifetime for me and mother. Now since my mother has no food I will have to go hunting after abras and digging out droma. I now have no free time to go for the horse race in Ling.”

Hearing this Drugmo anxiously said, “Do not say such things. I will offer you loads of items such as brick tea, leased butter, sheep meat and barley.”

Joru remarked, “I have no preference for stuff that has been miserly accumulated. Now if you can throw up the residues, do so. Nothing can harm mother’s mouth.” Drugmo was nauseated and lost all appetite for the adage that said,

‘Leave well alone those too full and vomited residues.’

She filled herself fully with water to guide the residues out and then vomited. The residues filled up the entire tent and and Joru considered it as an auspicious sign that the area would acquire great enjoyments and attainments. So he was pleased in his mind.

Then Drugmo said to Joru, “Now do not stay divine prince but go to Ling. It has been decided that in this year’s Horse race in Ling, the wealth and property of the rich Kyalo will be given as a prize to the swiftest steed. It has been said:

‘A son going early to work receives the praise of all;
Badly behaved at home, is teased by all.’
When a son doesn’t go the day invited,
It won’t look good to later have to request an invitation;
Restraining oneself is being truly wise.’

I lack the courage to give a speech but there are various things you must consider. Now set about going to upper Lingkar.”

Joru said, “I need to do a divination tonight to see whether I should go to Ling” and at the same time he waved his hand showing the centre and surroundings of the Sib forest of Ma and then continued, “Alright. Come here Sengcham. Look and see what’s in that forest of Sib.”

After observing in detail she replied, “There is a musk deer.”

He said, “Well, the musk deer is called the ‘Small dark ruinous Musk of Sib’. It has severed the silk thread of the Dharma of India; broken the yoke of the land of China and cut the mu rope of life line of highland Tibet. So until it is vanquished there is no way in which I can go for the horse race.

I shall take the lasso ‘that naturally summons the three realms’ and go up the land’s edge from the right side and fling the lasso. You take this dog and come from the base of the mountain.”

Then although Drugmo remarked, “It is not a musk deer. It is a willow. The willow has been carried by the wind. I a maiden have suffered from an illusion” Joru threw the lasso and it caught on the neck of the musk deer. The musk came bouncing down towards the bottom of the mountain and initially got its head mixed up and then its tail mixed up with Joru and dragged him along.

In the meanwhile Drugmo released the dog from the base of the mountain. The dog and the musk deer fought and struggled. Joru had his neck doubly bent and his head had gone below his body. She thought that Joru had died so she twisted the neck of the musk deer and killed it.

At that moment Joru abruptly stood up and said, “Alright. Female companion, you killed the abra earlier. Now you’ve killed the musk deer. Have you been sent to hunt by your father Kyalo? On top of that you talk of being the incarnation of a dakini! Shame on you!

I will certainly proclaim in upper India; lower China; highland Tibet; colourful Ling and to others like father Kyalo and mother Peacock regarding your behaviour that causes internal intrigue and violence.”

Drugmo pleaded and bargained, “In general, I wish to help you in your teachings and your work for the welfare of sentient beings. I thought that you yourself had been killed by the abra and musk deer. I regret that it was an accidental mistake and I did not at all intend to kill them.

Please keep this secret and I shall request from my father Kyalo’s stable whichever horse you desire.”

Joru answered, “Alright, we can do things in that manner. Earlier while I was in Ling, we had a wild mare ‘Dro Jo’ or ‘Wheat Goddess’ that had an offspring. It had a coat of skin that was yellow like gold. Its mane and tail were grey and it had the powerful wings of the birds. Trothung wanted it so badly that he’d come in the early morning with the intent to snatch it. He’d come in the evening with the intent to chase it. He’d come at night with the intent to steal it. Since we, mother and son could not look after it we separated the mare and its offspring and released it into the mountains. If you can capture it, then you need not have to borrow from the stable and I too shall not tell your story to anyone. Otherwise I shall proclaim it to all.”

She fearing that all would hear the story of her activities, consented and gave her word.

Later, Joru said, “O female companion, I don’t have any hopes of winning but since I desire to watch the show, I think it is better to go now.”

On his head he wore the ‘Peaked Gazelle’ hat and stuck the weasel’s flexible top-piece on it. On his body he wore the calf skin dress with the rough edges and fastened it with rope of drema grass. On his feet he wore the red riding boots and tied the laces of jakma grass. On his back he took the goat skin bag with an assortment of odds and ends. For eating he put the knotted bowl with hairs into his pocket. He rode the White willow stick under his legs. The black metal stick, he took along for enjoyment.

In this way he went and while on the road, he reflected that, although he had displayed various emanations to her yesterday, yet the stupid woman still did not have faith in him and so she had gone riding on ahead of him. Even though she was getting stuck he thought it would be more suitable for him to stay behind. But he felt she still needed to face some more hardships.

“O female companion, my stick cannot keep up with your horse. So you go on ahead and I will definitely come after you” he said. Drugmo thought that if Joru was not able to reach Ling, Gyatsa Shelkar’s penalty would surely be harsh.

So she said, “In that case, you ride and I will walk on foot.”

Joru added, “Alright, that’s okay. Now it doesn’t appear appropriate for me the rider to carry this load. It’s traditional for those walking to carry loads.” He put the Laa stone of the deity Gerzoh into the goat skin bag. Tied the top firmly and then sealed it and saying, “This is me Joru’s Dharma support and mother’s support for strategies” he lifted it onto Drugmo’s back.

Joru then rode on ‘Brown Wheat Khyung’ and though he pulled strongly on its mouth and whipped it, it did not respond and move. So he remarked, “When you ride this horse it is like a bird. When I ride it, why is it not moving at all?”

She replied, “You blind beggar, trained with the stick. You don’t know how to ride horses. Powerless to go, you pull on its mouth. Powerless to remain, you whip it. If you do such things how can it ever move?

If you want to ride swiftly, place the reins on its head. Stretch forward on the stirrups. Bend your body. Lift your buttocks and then apply the whip.”

He said, “Alright” and gave the horse a sound whip that produced a “tsak” noise. There was a precipitous pass and the horse went flying towards the other side and it was nowhere to be seen. She was coming up and unable to carry the laa stone of Gerzoh, was sweating so profusely that every strand of her hair had each a drop of sweat.

When she arrived at the pass she wondered if Joru had been thrown to the ground by the horse. While frightened, she came down a bit and noticed Joru’s head cut off which caused her immeasurable regret. She went off abruptly and again saw a single arm with its sleeve attached that had been severed. Again when she went down, she came across a foot with its shoe on that had been detached. When she proceeded further down, she came upon all the internal organs and intestines that had been scattered about in an elongated manner.

She felt in her heart, “Since yesterday and until this moment, I have seen such a range of life situations. How will I ever be able to tolerate the cares of an entire life time? If I return home, Gyatsa Shelkar is certain to extract from me a thousand fold penalty for murdering Joru. So rather than that, it is better that me the helpless calf commits suicide in the lake of poison.”

With these thoughts she went ahead on her horse ‘Brown Wheat Khyung’. Then covering her head with the nine-pleated dress, she went forth without hesitation directing herself towards the edge of the lake of doom.

Joru quickly broke his spell and emanations and clung onto a single strand of Brown Wheat Khyung’s tail. With his heel against a sheep’s droppings he pulled back the horse so that it could not move forward. Drugmo turned around and looked and saw Joru.

Joru said to her, “Why are you unnecessarily trying to get rid off yourself? You seem to have gone mad and it is better to tie up crazy people. Now I will have to tie you up and take you along to Ling. If I am asked why you have been tied up, I could relate the incident of your trying to commit suicide” he said and he was on the verge of tying her up.

Drugmo was frightened as well as embarrassed and said, “O Happy Joru – a truly holy buddha, pray, please don’t make me suffer. Have compassion on a humble, helpless being like me. Please don’t relate this incident and keep it a secret. Whatever you require of saddle and horse tacks I shall borrow for you.”

Joru said, “Well, if that’s the way, then all other saddles and bits will not do. Give me such articles as the gold saddle that has nine rounds of designs on it. The gold bit ‘Wish fulfilling gem’. In the mouth should be the ‘Self arising sun’. The tongue knot should be ‘Accomplishing all wishes’. The reins should be ‘Long term merits’. The bit handles should be ‘Guidance of deities’ and the whip called ‘Fulfilment of all wishes’.

If you don’t provide me these articles I will certainly relate these stories from the centre of Lingkar.”

It occurred in her mind that according to the prophecy of the Lotus Born one, there would be a day when a person would request these articles that belonged to the nagas. When it came to pass she was to hand them over. So she agreed to obtain them.

Then Joru himself said, “Now before taking part in the Horse race of the divisions of the Ling tribe, I need to give an illustration of my ‘Spinning race’. Let’s see which is swifter between your ‘Brown Wheat Khyung’ and my ‘Willow stick’?”

“Yes” she replied.

They started off together and close to each other. Then Joru went riding into space on his stick in a flash like lightning and was soon nowhere to be seen. Although she whipped her horse’s head and whipped her horse’s behind yet except for sweat pouring from the horse’s hide and turning it black she could not catch up with him.

Joru was at a triangular crossroad of an area. He was sitting on a field that appeared like one of lotuses and his stick lay on the ground. He felt that both Drugmo and her horse had suffered such an enormous amount of misery so now most of her obscurations had cleared. So he remained there laughing loud and clearly.

When Drugmo arrived there, he remarked, “So, that’s how fast we two can travel. Our status has not been mistaken by the auspicious omens. It’s certain that I will have the coveted seat in my hands. Now why don’t we race one more time?”

She replied, “Now please, I will not run. Now, it is better if we go slowly.”

He said, “Well, then. I have a friend to whom I need to ask a question. In the meanwhile you and the horse can take some rest” and then he raised the ‘White willow stick’ upright. On its top he stuck a needle. Above the head of the needle he placed an animal dropping. Next he kept a strand of jakma grass on it horizontally and then emanating himself into the size of a louse he sat on the grass in the vajra posture of crossed legs.

Amazed at this, she circumambulated him, prostrated and prayed to him so that almost all her faults and defilements were purified.

Then Joru called out “Abthong Gawa Lima” three times. Glancing in the eastern direction, from an abra hole there appeared an abra with grey skin, red mouth and nose, a white forehead, with the four channels like pale coral, sharp ears and it was as large as a sheep.

It uttered, “tsik tsik” and came out of the hole.

Joru said, “Alright Drugmo, look at this abra. It is called Abthong Gawa Lima. I came across him when I arrived in Lower Ma.” Then to the creature he said, “So Abthong Gawa, from these parts these days a hundred go up. A thousand go down. Some take salt; others take barley and groups of bandits trot about. Have you seen or heard of any solitary, coarse mannered maiden in these parts?”

The abra made the “tsik tsik” sound a number of times.

Then Joru said, “Ha, ha,” and clapped his hands together loudly. He then continued, “Yes. Okay, you came across Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong Beru. So wasn’t Nyima Gyaltsen given the gold necklace ‘Self arisen sun’? So wasn’t it Minister Berkar that you came across after that? Wasn’t he too offered the crystal bracelet ‘Precious vase’? Weren’t the two of them supposed to meet her when she brought with her the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo within a period of five and seven days?”

Again the abra made “tsik tsik” noises.

Joru again said, “Alright, I have understood” and then to her, “Drugmo, that was the account of what you did and where you’ve been. There is no way left but to relate it in Ling.”

Drugmo again requested, “Don’t talk of all these incidents in Ling. Keep them secret and I will offer you a gift of whatever you desire.”

The divine prince said, “Alright, I don’t want any other thing except these. Go and catch Kyang Goe. Give me the gold saddle. You must open the sutra of the ‘Great Secret’ and seal it with virtuous prayers.”

Drugmo felt that the events of the earlier days and today were the acts of Joru’s emanations. So she sang this song of her faith and awareness of events:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the supreme site that is naturally pure,
To the Three Jewels of refuge,
I make request to grant us blessings;
May I and other sentients attain enlightenment.

And then, O precious divine prince;
Though one sees the fine snow mountains;
Not to see haughty snowlion is being carried away;
I have been obscured by my sins of Ignorance;
In your presence divine prince, I confess.
Oh! What joy is in the mind!

Though one sees the fine coloured slate mountains;
Not to see white faced drong is being carried away;
I am obscured by the confusion of Ignorance;
Divine prince, the fine, slate mountains are unchanging.
You yourself are, the white faced drong, deity prince;
I myself a girl, am the horns on its head.

Though one sees the forests of sandalwood;
Not to see ferocious tiger’s stripes is being carried away;
You yourself are the ferocious tiger, divine prince;
I myself a girl, am the excellent striped coat.
Oh! What happiness is in the mind!

The threatening display of force by layman,
On the Demon and Hor forces do flaunt;
The gold necklace has not been offered in vain.

The physical appearance of Minister Berkar,
On me a kind-hearted girl do flaunt;
The bracelet has not been offered in vain.

From this side and that side of the land of Ma,
Whatever adversities I Drugmo have experienced;
May they clear the obscurations collected in the past;
May they benefit the mind of the future.

After this song, Joru said, “There is no benefit in wiping one’s dirt on others. One shouldn’t talk too much. Now let’s go to Ling quickly” he added and they set off at a swift pace.

So they reached the centre of the pure tribes of Ling – in the excellent land where ‘whatever seen is the result of the prayers of all’. They arrived at the excellent castle of ‘Ngulchu Trodzong’ where there were distinctly clear dragon designs on the carpet of gems.

Then Gyatsa Shelkar and his brother came together face to face. Drugmo too, with her mind at peace returned to her home. The two brothers discussed events. There was no question of who should race – obviously Joru would race. There was no question of who should hold the fort – obviously Gyatsa would hold. There was no question too of who would speak – obviously Aku Trothung would elaborate and give reasons.

The next day, some efficient servants like Pel Yutak Gyal went to invite and welcome Gogmo, her people and property.

There was a small tent below, in front of the ‘Lion, dragon and tiger peak’ castle. At the base of the Turquoise tent was planned ‘Just Adequate’ the little tent.

Then they set up the tent as the saying goes:

‘How wealthy one is, depends on one’s past karma;
How powerful one is, the interior bumpkin behaves as equals.

to continue …

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