Chapter – VII

The end of the contest for the greatest race horse,

Saw Joru ascend the throne in grandeur;

The supreme sun of peace and benefit, arose

With powerful clarity from the top of Sumeru.


Then Joru put the ‘Wish fulfilling gem’ into his pocket and attached the gold keys to his waist and looked upwards. The riders of the Great lineage were closed by the mountain of Gura Dza. The Middle lineage riders were at the deity paths of Kali Lhalam and the Lesser lineage were at the pass of Tshal Li of Ma.

The three chiefs were at Thonpo Gudrig – the ‘Arrangement of Nine elevations’ while the father uncles were at Tselha Chusum – the ‘Thirteen peak deities’. The others had arrived at Gangkar Tsesum – the ‘Three peaked snow mountain’ and Khenlung Ritrug. Even Guru, the hunchback was ahead by eighteen corners.

At this Joru felt dismayed, “Oh no! It’s like the adage:

‘Picking up stones from the plains and casting away provisions from pocket;
Thinking of other’s welfare, one errs in one’s own task.

Now I should go on speedily” he thought. Then he guided the upper white winds down and the lower reddish brown winds up. He created a vehicle through the uma channels and raced. Within the span of a moment itself, he had caught up right behind Guru the hunchback.

Then the thought arose in him, “Unless Kyalo’s men, property and attendants are obtained by the power of the Lama’s blessings, the enlightened activities of Nene and the result of one’s past actions, ‘Turquoise Bird’ is a difficult rival to beat as the two – ‘Turquoise Bird’ and Kyang Goe are equally fast and have been close together.

If the supreme ones grant victory to Dongtsen, then he can act as a counterforce to the Hor and the Demon. But if I am granted the prize, I will accomplish the task. I will not race but go on slowly. I must examine and evaluate this hunchback Guru.”

Then with a clearly sounded “ki”, the pale erect figure of Joru went forwards and enquired of the hunchback, “O bent form like a deity bowing, what is this commotion today among the brave heroes of Ling dressed up in everything that can be stitched; having fastened everything they have on the cinch strap; not having time to think but racing as they wish, up passes and down hills. Where are they all going to? Do you know what the point of all this is?”

The hunchback Guru knew that a few days earlier Drugmo had been sent as a messenger. So therefore Joru must have been told of the event. So this pretence of his not knowing was certainly the speech of a liar or else what could it have been he wondered.

So he said, “I don’t know where we are going. You calf thief, where are you going to? I was wondering if I could become the owner of Kyalo’s men, property and attendants with this Horse race. Except for that what else could I think of? Now move aside and don’t obstruct my path.”

Joru replied, “Oh! I too thought of the same thing. Now the rivals to our thoughts – the Ling divisions are more capable. Rather than thoughts,the instruments for the task are more fearsome. Since the two thinkers – Guru and Joru are a miserable sight, it is difficult to succeed. Therefore the two of us – the have-nots, let’s join our naked backs together against each other and smoothen our hairs to obtain a better sheen. Whoever wins the prize, let’s share it together.”

Hearing this, Guru the hunchback became superstitious and said, “What are you saying? You son of spirits, who’s been stuck in Lower Ma and me; we’re quite different. I will not smoothen hides or hairs with you. Let each one go his separate way and as individuals. I won’t be part of a group. I will go separately and directly.”

Joru said, “Well, we can do it that way. It was just that I didn’t know that you the hunched back of Yadatsang of Ling and your mother the hunched body of Madatsang of Ling and the two of you were hunched friends.

You, the hunched misery of Yada and she the hunched famine of Mada and the two of you I thought were hunched beggars and so I considered joining backs and improving your sheen.

But looking at my own standard of living it’s truthful to say none in Ling would desire it. So let’s each of us go to our own shady side of the mountain” he added and as he has done earlier, he set off making use of the vehicle of ‘Channels and winds’.

Then Guru the son of Khyishi thought, “The Great lineage has Taktsang – the ‘Tiger’s lair’ with fine sheens; the Middle lineage have ‘Pearls strung on silk’ and the Lesser lineage has the capable ‘Khyung’s wings’.

All of them possessing powers, when in the dark, can go to the side of the sunshine and when it’s sunny can go to the side of the shade, so they need not avoid anything.

But you, snort dribbling abra hunter with your raised and dented neck of spirits, what do you have to avoid?” Thinking in this way, he then raced after Kyang Goe with his body bending and bowing.

Kyang Goe gave him a kick with his hind legs and flung him down three corners. Protected by Joru’s compassion, his outer skin was not peeled. His inner intestines had not come out. His bones too had escaped injury and the man and steed both stood up and he concluded, “Now, if this is not a miracle, what is? Greater than the distance that I have come up, I have been flung down. I have no need to acquire the paternal property and I don’t want to watch this spectacle of Ling. I’m going” he thought and having come to a decision he returned to his home.

After this incident, the precious divine prince caught up with the sheep faced Ngolug of Buyag Tsang and remarked to him, “Hey! Whenever you show your face a sheep appears. Whenever I show my face a sheep disappears. The two of us descended from the same paternal clan; why should there be such a difference in the quality of our purity and excellence? That’s because earlier while I lacked the ability, you snatched away my share of goodness and your share of nastiness you gave to me. Today you shall heal me” he added and raised his whip and stopped in front of him.

Ngolug Buyag thought that since this Joru was the incarnation of a thousand buddhas and a close disciple of the Lotus Born one from Orgyan, he should request of him unmistaken instructions on the refuge and bodhicitta and other such practices.

He got down from his steed and prostrated himself. Then from his portable chapel box ‘Wheel of gold’, he took out the ‘Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan’ and enclosing it in a roll of white silk, offered it to Joru saying, “O precious divine prince Joru, this ‘Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan’ was granted by the Lotus Born one. This day I offer it to you – divine prince. When it approaches the end of time, when a counterforce against the Hor and Demon is required, this hat’s time will come for benefitting beings.

Like mount Sumeru do not change your form;
Without wavering, remain eternally, I pray.
Speech like the sixty sections of Tsangpa’s voice;
May it roar the Dharma unobstructed.
Mind of primordial wisdom of undifferentiated bliss and emptiness;
May it unerringly accomplish the welfare of beings.
Between the two of us that are related;
The difference in the birth of our bodies,
The difference in the qualities of our minds
And the limitless merits for the welfare of beings –
If only these were equal, how joyful I’d be!
I lack courage to say, alas they aren’t the same.”

Joru then thought, “His offering the ‘Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan’ together with aspirational prayers is extremely auspicious. Today I have obtained an excellent sign that the teachings of the Buddha will spread in the world, that sentient beings will achieve peace and happiness and that all the tasks of the supreme ones will be accomplished like the waxing moon” and he was pleased in his mind. He covered his ‘Peaked gazelle hat’ in a silk ceremonial scarf and gave it in return and chanted this song:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

The three – dharmakaya, sambhogkaya and nirmankaya;
Lord of three and five families, wrathful and peaceful deities;
The hosts of dakas, dakinis and guardian protectors;
Come forth all of you and assist Joru.

O you Ngolug of Buyag Tsang;
Do not be distracted but focus your Awareness on me;
Without hiding anything, I speak from my heart.

I, the divine prince Joru, son of Gogmo;
From the unmanifested palace of the expanse of phenomena,
The Lotus Born one of Orgyan has commanded
And sent me for the welfare of sentient beings.

If desiring to meet the physical body of deity form;
On the crown’s palace of great bliss,
Abides the Root lama of the lineage.

On the heart’s wheel of Dharma,
Abides the mandala of tutelary and host of deities.
On the umbilical wheel of emanation,
Abides countless buddhas and bodhisattvas.
On the secret site’s wheel of bliss protection,
Abides host of Dharma guardian protector deities.

From the belt and waist upwards,
Is the temple of eight pillars that was not built.
From the belt and waist downwards,
Are the thirty ‘Wisdom sutra’ collections that were not written.

On each strand of hair on the head,
Abides a hundred billion buddhas.
Moreover the other host of deities of body,
To you fortunate one, I have shown.

If the dharmakaya of the mind is explained:
Taking the ocean as an illustration of one’s own mind;
The waves are a miracle of the mind;
Leave it at ease in the state free of agitation.

Taking the mountain as an illustration of one’s own mind;
The plants are a miracle of the mind;
Leave them in the state free of transplantation.

Taking the sky as an illustration of one’s own mind;
The colours of the rainbow are a miracle of the mind;
Gaze at it in its naked emptiness and clarity.

When one’s own mind looks back at oneself;
Recollection and Awareness are miracles of the mind;
Leave it in equanimity in the state of non-duality.

The dharmakaya – the unchanging Awareness;
When abiding in the state of empty clarity –
That itself is the nature of emptiness.

Do not be distracted, but fix your Awareness;
Without forgetting, hold it in the mind’s centre.
In this life, I will be your refuge and protector;
In the future, enlightenment, you will certainly gain;
In both this and future lives, I will not fail you.

After having chanted these words he left like a capable bird in a roaring swirl.

Again, he caught up with the physician Kunga Nyima and acting as if he was ill, he complained, “Hey! Doctor Kunga Nyima la, this morning, firstly my mother’s feeds of ice tea; secondly the excessive holes in my calf skin dress; thirdly my poor physique when I was a kid and fourthly the terribly cold and bad weather have produced a disease in me.

My head’s not well and my hair burns. My eyes are not well and my eyelashes have come off. My upper body’s not well and my lungs are bursting. My memory’s not well and my nerves flash about. My limbs are not well and my strength has deteriorated. My lower body slithers like a snake. I cannot tolerate the smell. The sharp pains are like those when a weapon has been flung. My upper body burning like fire with a fever. My middle is swirling like a wind with the cold and heat. My lower body’s disturbed like water with the cold. Now, what’s best for me, O omniscient physician?”

The physician replied, “Alright, I thought that the medicine bag and prescription papers would be an excessive burden for my steed in this Horse race, so I did not bring them along.

If we had the ‘pill that destroys all illnesses’, then in the manner of a vulture that surpasses all in flight, the hot disease from your upper body, would have been discharged upwards to the sky. The cold illness from the lower body would have rolled downwards like a great boulder on a steep mountain face. The cold and hot illness of the middle parts would be separated like a married couple that have broken off.

Additionally, it would even get rid of the four hundred and forty four diseases collected together, as if driving away a flock of birds with a sling stone.

But since the pill is not here, it will be alright if I examine your pulse and see if you will die or recover.”

He then held onto Joru’s hand and while smiling a little he chanted this song to the tune of the ‘Graceful white silk’:

Lu ala lamo ala len; 
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the palace of lapis lazuli,
The tutelary deity, buddhas and medicine deity,  
Who are surrounded by a host of medicinal deities; 
This day come and assist this physician. 

So therefore Joru, listen to me; 
Your paternal pulse – the king of mountains, Sumeru 
Is the pulse, that sends tasks flying along.

The three main ones – Uma, Kyang and Ro pulses 
Are the dharmakaya, sambhogkaya and nirmankaya;
Are pulses, whose mental continuums have been from deities severed; 
Are pulses whose pulse realms are with dakinis filled. 

This one which has been welcomed for a long time,
Is the pulse that enhances the prestige of the white side. 
This one that swirls like wind for a short time,
Is the pulse that subjugates the forces of the dark side. 

This one with an excessive pausing and being joined,
Is the pulse that leads to changes among the brothers. 
This Laa pulse that’s slightly serious,
Is the pulse of wife raising the status of the home. 

This unopened one, whose pulse elements are disturbed,
Is pulse predicting many disputes with the host of demons.
This opened one, with a fine pulse movement,
Is pulse that symbolises the world will be placed in peace. 

Pulse predicting, the prize will be won if one races;
Pulse claiming, throne will be ascended if one sits;
Pulse proclaiming, renown will spread across the realm;
Now do not stay; race and friend your recognition is near. 

As soon as he had chanted this, Joru took a high quality ceremonial scarf and placed it on the neck of the physician and again went like a swirling rush of startled birds and caught up with Moma Kunsheh – the ‘All knowing Accurate Diviner’.

Approaching him Joru remarked, “O Moma la, please conduct a divination for me. Since you are the one who speaks of what has gone before and paints a picture of what is yet to come, tell me who’s been appointed to preside over pure Ling’s paternal strategy of disputes? Is it better for me – Joru the abra hunter to race or not to race? If I race, will Kyang Goe be swift enough? If he wins the race will the prized silk be granted?”

Moma Kunsheh the diviner said, “Oh! I had doubts and felt that if I brought along my divining articles, they would slow down my skilled Northern steed, so I left them behind. Now, I will have to divine with this rein – ‘Auspicious angled knot’ and then he chanted this song:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the palace of the deities above,
The deity diviner with powers of prediction;
Body attired in a dress of white silk;
Neck with conches garlanded;
Hand grasping a white divinatory Juthig thread;
Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants;
This day, come forth and assist Moma.

From the Naga palace bereft of warmth,
The Lu diviner with powers of prediction;
Body attired in a dress of blue silk;
Neck with turquoise garlanded;
Hand grasping a blue divinatory Juthig thread;
Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants;
This day, come forth and assist Moma.

From the nyen palace in intermediate space,
The Nyen diviner with powers of prediction;
Body attired in a dress of yellow silk;
Neck with gold garlanded;
Hand grasping a yellow divinatory Juthig thread;
Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants;
This day, come forth and assist Moma.

The diviner of Jang with powers of prophecy;
The diviner of China that can lasso water;
The diviner of Hor with a head of conch;
This day, come forth and assist Moma.
For this divination that shows up this day,
Assist and create a variety of similar outcomes.

The good and bad influences of the amazing divination;
It’s yielded a divination of a white faced deity on snow;
A reality, of Clear light having descended from the deities.
A divination of sun appearing on snow;
A picture, that the kingdom will be turned to Dharma.
A divination of a haughty snowlion added on;
Showing foes and hindrances being threatened by charisma.
A divination of turquoise manes flourishing,
Showing that treasures will be obtained from the four directions.

It’s yielded a divination of one’s own site on fine, colourful slate mountains;
A reality, of maternal lineage breaking off in the mountains.
A divination of rain clouds hovering over the mountains;
A picture, of being cared for from the sky.
A divination of yellow faced drongs being attracted to it,
Showing possession of courage greater than a yak’s.
A divination of drong’s horns being well endowed,
Showing method and wisdom being assembled.

It’s yielded a divination of external sites in sandalwood forests;
A reality, of numerous dralha and reinforcements.
A divination of leaves and petals in full bloom;
A picture, of divine lineage’s radiance glittering.
A divination of tigress being attracted to forest,
Showing skill and courage greater than a tiger’s.
A divination of tiger’s striped coat being well endowed,
Showing all your brothers’ radiance being assembled.

It’s yielded a divination and yielded again the blue sky;
A reality, of the world being gathered under your power.
And then it yielded a congested earth;
A picture, of deity families expanding breath-wise.
And then it yielded the blue lake,
Showing karmic consequences and tasks collecting like a lake.
Greater than this, no divination can yield;
Now race on, for you possess the face of joy.

After Moma Kunsheh the diviner had predicted in this way, Joru was pleased in his heart. He placed a ceremonial scarf ‘Possessing a thousand lotuses’ around the neck of the diviner and set off again as earlier until he caught up with Aku Trothung.

That day, Aku Trothung had worn his hat that had a top piece called the ‘Legal knot of the chief’ and the hat brim was the ‘Lama’s Dharma knot’. His belt was the ‘Nine knots of rainbow colours’. When the divine prince noticed him racing in front, turning to the right and turning to the left, he felt that he should evaluate Aku Trothung’s immeasurable sense of joy at that time.

So Joru emanated his body into a jaluh or rainbow body and thus became invisible. Then he proceeded ahead and in a corner of the path, he broke his spell and transformed back into his earlier body but this time with his radiance and splendour greatly increased. Next, with a great “Ki” sound he suddenly appeared right in front of Aku Trothung.

Trothung thought, “Oh! What evil deity could this be?” but then an immeasurable sense of regret arose in him after which he started banging haughtily on his own chest.

Joru enquired, “O Uncle, this morning you beat the grand drum with a great ‘thiiing’ sound and now you are drumming a cycle of beats on your chest. May I know what all this is about?”

Trothung replied, “Oh! My famished nephew, this morning when you left, I regretted not having brought along all the sweets and delicacies for you. This morning you returned back to Ayu Dil. Now what makes you return to the Gura mountains? Is it because you’ve decided that you will not be able to ascend the throne?”

Joru remarked, “O Uncle, I have been to the top of the throne twice. Now if I arrive there once more, it will be three times. When I was going on ahead, I noticed you were spurring on with great joy which I cannot fathom.

I fear that if I get stuck on the throne, the Ling divisions will become superstitious; Uncle will be angry and Drugmo will be consumed by hatred, so I have not got stuck to the throne. That Dongtsen is still whipping the head and whipping the tail of ‘Turquoise Bird’ his steed.”

Hearing this, Aku Trothung thought he had been summoned by the Red deity Tamdrin and that this was a sign that if he now could delay the proceedings for a while Dongtsen was certain to be victorious in the race.

So Aku Trothung said, “My good nephew, now let’s not race but go on slowly. I have much to relate to you like the ‘Three varieties of possible existences’ and the ‘Three types of impossible existences’; the ‘Three kinds of peaks of the mother blacksmiths’ and the ‘Three kinds of peaks of the blacksmith’; the ‘Internal song of worldly existences’; the ‘Eighteen great stripes of the tiger’ and many others.

It’s like in the saying:

If each day a story is not heard, one’s ears are uneasy as if beaten with iron;
If each year a dress is not stitched, one will attain the form of a fish in water.”

So he continued talking back and forth and chanted many songs and it took a very long time.

At the time Lopon Rinpoche or the Lotus Born one, held the sun at eighteen hours and lengthened the distance of twenty five corners. He tied four invisible lead millstones around the steed ‘Turquoise Bird’ and made it wait.

Joru thought, “As in the saying:

Nine times if a male changes direction, he’s a liar;
A liar’s tale of deception, starts straight away.
Nine times if a female changes direction, she’s scared;
A frightened female’s scared speech, is whispered.
Nine times if a dog changes direction, it’s a thief;
A thief’s nasal whistles, come bubbling forth.

Now if Uncle’s talk has no end, I should chant a song”, he considered and chanted this song to the tune of ‘Intimidating the great gathering with charisma’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

The refuges three – Lama, Yidam and the Jewels,
Inseparably on the crown of my head abide;
Abiding, grant me your blessings, I request.

You, Uncle do not be distracted, but listen to me:
The blue sky has been a head covering for all;
To say, don’t use it, is an oppressive order.
Congested earth has been a home to all;
To say, don’t stay there, is an oppressive order.
The pale paths are travel routes for beings all;
To say, don’t go on them, is an oppressive order.
The Horse race was by chief Trothung decided;
To say, don’t race now, is an oppressive order.

For me the abra hunter Joru, son of Gogmo,
Having a gazelle hat that’s been denounced by gossip;
Wonder if I should touch a helmet with dartru?
Having on my back, a calf skin dress that’s been eaten by lice;
Wonder if I should touch a cloak with sleeves?
Having feet with yuga horse boots that are tired out;
Wonder if I should wear a great man’s rainbow boots?
Having a stick in hand and subjugated dogs;
Wonder if I should touch a saddle and bit?
Having been hated and hated by humble people;
Wonder if I should be one with oppressive power?
Having roamed the realm without food;
Wonder if I should become a rich father’s son?
Having failed and failed to find a spouse;
Wonder if I should look for a maiden with sparkling eyes.

The wealth and property of Ga Kyalo;
Displayed before you Uncle, it’s a small reward;
But shown to beggar Joru, it’s a great prize.
Time to listen to long talks, I do not have;
Evil brothers with dark thoughts;
Evil Uncle with abundant jealousy;
Now, I will not stay, but swiftly set forth.

After these words, Joru once again proceeded speedily like the swirling rush of startled birds.

Soon he had caught up with the Chipon. The Chipon seeing him, immediately encouraged him on with his words, “Nephew, now race on, race on. Look at ‘Turquoise Bird’. Not going upwards, where is it going?”

Joru replied, “O uncle, unless one obtains Kyalo’s men, property and attendants in dependence on the grace of the Lama’s compassion, Nene’s enlightened activities and the consequences of one’s past karma, otherwise as far as winning it by racing is concerned, ‘Turquoise Bird’ is a rival that’s hard to beat.

If I did not have to subdue the demons of the dark side, I could even give the great prize of paternal property to Dongtsen.”

The Chipon noticing the hat on his head, asked of him, “Oh! Little nephew, since when have you had that hat? What’s the story behind that?”

Joru then related the story of the hat in detail and the Chipon who was pleased in his heart remarked, “It appears there’s no other owner for the throne except you. Do as you please.”

Hearing this, Joru again set off in a hurry, like the rush of a startled flock of birds and in a moment had caught up with the fair Shellu or Gyatsa Shelkar. Fair Shellu had worn his blue armour underneath on his naked body. On the outside was his dark brown cloak. The mouth of the scabbard of his sword ‘Little star Yazi’ was raised. Racing with rage because Dongtsen was in the lead, Shellu’s body gave off flickering sparks of fire as he sped on.

Joru noticing him wondered, if Shellu raged so much at insiders like his younger and older brothers, he should see how he reacted when he suddenly came across enemy outsiders. So he emanated himself in a form of a black man on a black horse that had alighted on the ground like the Demon planet and then went towards fair Shellu’s side.

Shellu thought, “This form that I see, if it’s not a demon of the Lord of death, what else could it be?”

Then Gyatsa Shelkar, who had never fled in his entire life, fled three steps backwards at the end of which he remained like a lion displaying its power and strength.

Joru without breaking out of his spell and while still in his emanated form, sang this song to instil fear:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

For the local deity that depends on ‘Red Rocks’,
Omniscient Red Begtse – the reinforcements;
This day come forth and befriend me.

If you do not recognise me;
Iron mountain over there and copper one here;
From castle made of the two – iron and copper,
I am the one called ‘Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong.

Within the distance that one hears with one’s ears;
The greatly valued paternal estates of pure Ling,
Will be won by the swiftest steed in a race, it is said.
The real reason for my coming is just that.

Earlier on, while the sun did shine,
Joru was packed off to Lower Ma;
As friend who welcomed, it was I that served
And the thoughts of the two of us, were in accord.
“No difference will it make, whoever wins the prize
For the swiftest steed”, said friend Joru.

With shafts an expert, maternal uncle Denma is;
With swords capable, Gyatsa Shelkar is;
With lances an adept, Choelu Darphen is;
With weights gifted, Bernag of Gade is;
Was ordered to go and kill these four people;
“Other than these none to fear in Ling” said Joru.

Now don’t flee, don’t flee son of a father;
Though cowards flee, no escape is possible;
This day, in the Horse race of Ling,
Ling brothers are decorated in silk and jewels;
Though not appearing to fight enemies,
Yet you have on the white armour inside;
Sharp weapon below the stirrup placed.

One like you, in Dong Bumpa’s race;
What a pitiable sight, evoking compassion!
This day just before nightfall, if with
The power of force, paternal property not obtained,
Consider it a sign of not being Beru of Dong;
Stand up on top if you a capable hero be.

After Joru had uttered these words, fair Shellu of Bumpa thought, “If the eighteen tasks regarding the paternal property cannot be entrusted within to the Great and Middle lineage, how can it ever be entrusted to a foe like this that comes directly at you. On top of that I was thinking of internal violence by the younger and elder brothers. What a disgraceful person I have been while Dong Bumpa is still alive! Oh, no! Oh, no!” He was so disturbed that his life-essence pulse shuddered. His shoulder muscles moved up. He lost his sense of balance and his face turned entirely towards Joru. Then grasping the hilt of his sword Yazi he said, “Alright, you black man on a black horse from the other mountain, how pitiable to be frightened by a boy like you. If I were to relate my story, hero Bumpa’s renown is greater than thunder. My steed Phoenix’s vigour and speed are greater than the wind. The sword Yazi’s edge is greater than fire. The notched shaft’s pain is equal to that of lightning. I, Gyatsa Shelkar who possesses all these skills complete, do invite you to the rage of Yazi. Just wait and watch!” he said and after taking aim with the swirling ‘Little star Yazi’, he was about to fling it when the divine prince Joru quickly broke the spell of his emanation and presented his real form.

Joru pleaded, “Oh! Dear companion, I am Joru. I am Joru, the rider representing the two of us brothers. We had discussed that you Gyatsa would be the warrior and the Chipon was to be the speaker among us.

I emanated myself into a black man on a black horse. Since all the younger and elder brothers have fled out of fright, we are now sure to obtain the throne. But since you have blabbered your heroics and shown-off your strength, now I refuse to go a step from this place. It’s like the saying:

‘A horn sprouting ahlong earrings, is an irritant for the eyes of the onlooker;
Elder brother at one’s back, is an irritant for younger brother.’

He then took off his lambskin dress, spread it out on the ground, sat down in his nakedness and began to pick out fleas and continued in this way.

Gyatsa felt that Joru was trying to put him to the test at every occasion and that with his evil talk he had destroyed his deep affection for him. Had it been any other person except Joru, there certainly would be internal pollution and violence. Now he wondered if Joru would listen to his talk. Either way, at least he could say later that he had tried.

So Gyatsa said, “Now companion, with your evil talk you’ve got rid of all inner affection. If you exhibit such fearsomeness I don’t know what to do? Now, just look at Dongtsen. A father with much merit has acquired such a son, that’s responsibly taking up his task. That’s tremendous! This morning in the earlier part of the day when a hundred horses were going upwards why were you directing your steed downhill? What were you looking for that you and your mother have not found so far? An ignorant mother possessing a senseless son like you! What a pity!”

Joru said, “Oh! Companion, I’m not too sure whether Drugmo would be pleased if she looked at these three – my facial complexion, place of birth and monies in lieu of my deficits. Earlier, I lived in lower Ma feeding myself on abra and droma. Even now there appears to be nothing more suitable.

Ever since my birth, I’ve never experienced more hardship than today. Although the back of the excellent steed can endure, the buttocks of an evil man like me cannot tolerate,” he remarked and continued as before, sitting and picking fleas off his dress.

All of a sudden Gyatsa felt angry and he raged, “Now are you certain you will not race? If this evening when the sun sets, if the eighteen tasks of the paternal property and Kyalo’s men, property and attendants have been given to those like Dongtsen. Then as in the saying:

‘If the son turns into an enemy,
The father is responsible for killing him’,

you can be sure, I’ll guide you to the sword’s sharp edge.”

The divine prince got up swiftly, put on his dress and while tying the belt of his cloak made amends saying, “O my companion, don’t be angry. I said these things because I am just a fatherless orphan who’s habituated to sitting on top of his mother due to not having anyone disciplining him. The paternal property is in our own hands.”

He then went off in front with his steed in a swirling rush. Joru raced away while summoning the deities and left the other riders behind one after the other. Then by the grace of the enlightened activities of the supreme deities and the skilled vigour and energy of Kyang Goe, he left Dongtsen behind within the span of a moment itself and arrived near the golden throne.

All the people who were there beside the throne took the reins of his steed. The precious refuge of the protector himself sat on the golden throne that fulfils the needs and desires of all and he displayed a radiance and splendour that was ten times his earlier state.

Next the lamas and those who assisted with the offerings and worship offered ceremonial silk scarves and he emanated thirteen different forms that represented the body, speech, mind, spiritual qualities, enlightened activities and other such characteristics. Some of these forms beat the ‘Drum of the law’ and created sounds like the roar of thunder. Some blew the ‘White conch of the law that broadcasts’ till it seemed to cover the three realms of existence. Others played the ‘Large cymbals’ as if its sounds pervaded the billion worlds. Still others raised the flag of authority ‘Blazing Dzi’ like the flash of lightning from the heavens. Some even took the ceremonial scarf from the hands of Dongtsen and in this way a variety of amazing and unimagined emanations were exhibited.

The fearless heroes of Ling enquired, “Who is this brother who has been destined by past karma and whose renown has spread to the heavens from Gura Dza?” and reining in their steeds looked up to meet Joru sitting on the throne.

The Great and Middle lineages wondered what they should do in the future. If Gyatsa Shelkar, grasped his sword of meteoric metal, he was unbeatable. If Denma let loose his lightning shafts he could not be rivalled. If the Chipon who was an ocean of disputes spoke, he could not be challenged. Other than these the house of the Lesser lineage possessed many more people who were like needles that could poke holes. So now it seemed as if it were better to submit to them, the other two lineages felt.

So they had a discussion and came to a cordial accord, which pleased the house of the Lesser lineage whose countenances were covered with broad smiles. Then the Elder brother, the Chipon threw back his yak tail like mane of long hair that arose from the back of his head and patted his grey and soft goatee three times.

The Chipon began, “Alright. In general, the precious one who will spread the teachings of the Buddha in the world and be a source of peace and happiness for all sentient beings has ascended the golden throne. Especially, since the status of the Lesser lineage is higher than the heavens, I wonder if you of the Great and Middle lineages plan to accept him as the Chief that gives refuge to all and the Lama that guides one in future lifetimes? Would you surrender to him? Would you seek refuge in him? If not, I have some matters to relate.”

Aku Trothung butted in, “Alright. Of course he’ll be the Chief of all and the Lama for our future rebirths. Actually, among all the brothers of pure Ling, I have always held Joru most affectionately since I’ve considered him to be without food and wealth. I’ve done all this work today, wondering if I could not place him in a higher and greater position. It was not that I was striving for Kyalo’s men and property for myself. I even ordered Dongtsen to rein in his steed ‘Turquoise Bird’ and allow Joru to go on ahead. Since when have you had such thoughts, you of the house of the Lesser lineage? How can it be allowed that those in the know, do not relate these meaningless words in the beginning and just sit quietly?”

At this the Chipon said, “Alright Aku, you had a tale to avoid losing face; was it that? It has no basis. There is no reason for me now, to discuss whether I of the Lesser lineage have had such thoughts or not and also to mouth such sweet words while keeping one’s thoughts locked up within.”

Everyone agreed with his words with “Yes. Yes.”

Then four men of the Great lineage – Apen of Dongtsen, Zigphen of Tagrong, Nyatsa Aten and Choekyong Bernak came forward and offered ceremonial silk scarves to Joru and silk trophies to Kyang Goe.

Next the five, lama and relations of the Middle lineages consisting of Nyibum of Serwa, Tripon Rinchen Darlu – the commander of ten thousand, Gyapon Bendhe Marpo – the commander of a hundred, Lhundrup of Michen Gyal and Abar Phentak of Kheypa came forward and they too offered ceremonial silk scarves to Joru and the prized silk to Kyang Goe.

Then from among the others, the four relations of the Lesser lineage – Tripon Gyatsa Shelkar, the grand minister Denma Jangtra, the prince Nang-ngu Yutak and Rupon Rongtsa Marleb came and offered congratulatory scarves to Joru and silk prizes to the steed – Kyang Goe.

After that the three related father uncles – Elder brother Chipon, the chief Aku Trothung and the great father Senglon proceeded forward and offered their silk scarves and silk prizes. At the time Aku Trothung placed a white ceremonial silk scarf free of stains and though internally, he was brimful with all his miseries and suffering, yet his face presented a pretty external appearance like that of the moon of the fifteenth.

Aku said brightly, “Heh! Heh! My dear nephew, today such ge sar duk” – which means “today such ge are on the ground.”

Hearing this Joru remarked, “Oh! Since I was never given a personal name by the deities above or the nagas below, today Aku naming me Ge sar is an excellent auspicious moment.”

Then he continued,

“Gesar hostile to the ground, places foes on it;
Repeatedly accomplishing goals, in colourful Ling achieves.”

At the age of eight years, he was ceremonially offered the name ‘Gesar Kyebu Dondup’ or the ‘Great being Gesar who Accomplishes’ – and he was enthroned the ‘Great Lord’ of the entire realm of Tibet.

Then in their respective orders, the four capable men; the four mediators; the four knowledgeable ones; the two good brothers and the three serfs each offered Joru a ceremonial silk scarf and Kyang Goe a silk racing trophy.

Following this, representatives from all the eighteen countries like upper India and lower China, with none remaining brought gifts of precious metals and valuable gems such as yellow gold, white silver, blue turquoise, variegated dzi, maroon agate and articles of good fortune and prosperity which included the massive elephant, dhowa steeds, little brown mules, cross breed dzos, white sheep of prosperity and goats.

They also brought offerings of the three – wheat, barley and lentils and various varieties of grains such as rice. Of materials, they made offerings of silks, wools and cloth – of whatever was fashionable in China, of whatever existed in Tibet and of whatever was present in the wide world. This presentation of materials was lead by an offering of ceremonial white silk scarves engraved with the thousand lotuses.

Then Joru granted to the ones close by, personal blessings of touch with his hands and to those further away he blessed them by scattering consecrated barley. He favoured the gathering by offering prayers from the depths of his heart and mind so that all the people – those from within and those who’d come from outside, were full of praise of Joru and his steed.

While the gathering was in such a mood, Sengcham Drugmo of Ga Kyalo thought, “How wonderful it would be, if in front of such a vast crowd of people the form of the Minister Berkar were displayed!”

Joru as if hearing her, became a hundred times more radiant and dazzling and she herself in a state of extreme joyousness went about arranging the place and décor marvellously and served tea and chang.

She then went with the other ladies – her mother and aunts and chanted this song to the tune of the ‘Excellent melody chosen from amongst all’:

Lu ala lamo ala len;
Lu thala lamo thala len.

From the pure lands arrayed in turquoise leaves;
From above the throne blazing with conch leaves;
From the top of cushions ablaze with leaves of gold;
Omniscient White Tara – compassionate mother, deity of longevity;
The common deity of all of humankind;
The personal deity of me a girl attached to humans;
This day, come forth and befriend Drugmo.

With body straight and erect, I offer three prostrations;
It’s the salute of deity girls;
May the obscurations of my body be purified.

With body bent over, I offer three prostrations;
It’s the salute of naga girls;
May the obscurations of my speech be purified.

With body half bent, I offer three prostrations;
It’s the salute of myself a nun;
May the obscurations of my mind be purified.

If this site, you do not recognise;
It’s the pale and high mountain of Gura Dza;
If me, you do not recognise;
Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo, I am.

And then, O precious divine prince Joru;
This vessel of tea served on my right,
Added to it are eighteen varieties of special tea;
Reddish yellow radiance and fragrance possesses;
Churned with milk’s whiteness created a first offering;
Mouth’s décor with yellow dri butter have made;
This day, to you divine prince I serve;
May auspiciousness create, repeated occasions to serve.

This vessel of tea served on my left,
From the white milk of the snowlion
Mixed with the turquoise dragon’s spittle made;
Added was the rice liquor of China;
The barley chang of highland Tibet
And suchlike as the grape wine of Hor;
It’s the month long chang, brewed for a month;
It’s the year long chang, brewed for a year;
It’s the hero’s chang that pleases the dralha;
This day, to you divine prince I serve;
May auspiciousness create, repeated occasions to serve.

From among the white helmeted, the highest status;
From among the white armoured, the longest life;
May whatever wished be actualised by your waist’s sparkling sword;
May your life force be harder than diamond;
May your life span be longer than the great river’s water;
May you circle the four continents atop four wooden saddles;
May you subdue the four demons thru’ your form body’s basis;
May you achieve all your goals in highland Tibet;

If my song has erred, I confess and request forgiveness;
If I have raved and ranted on, I request your tolerance;
Divine prince, hold these words in your mind.

In this way, she offered her words and so ended the story of ‘The Horse race with a kingdom as wager’.

to continue …

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