AOL3-Lower Hor Ling 35

On the paths of flight of empty intermediate space,

Though the vulture excels the glory of the skies,

Mind profound and all-encompassing, the bat be.


On the empty paths of the open blue skies,

Though the planets and stars, radiate light rays,

For the people of Tibet, most amazing rainbow colours be.


From the midst of the expanse of dense, dismal forests,

Though the Barbery wood’s hue is most pretty,

Long term monk, the Deity-wood Juniper be.


From among the numerous birds with wings that fly,

Though the blue bird Peacock, is most beautiful,

Beloved of black-headed Tibetans, the Cuckoo be.


In the heavenly abode of humans – samsaric earth,

Though Kukar of Hor, is most violent vocally,

The refuge of the six classes of beings, Sengchen be.

                                     Lower Hor Ling 35

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