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AOl3-Lower Hor Ling 649

None to request refuge, other than the Lord of Ling;

None to direct one’s mind towards, other than Gesar.

                                     Lower Hor Ling 649


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AOL3-Jang Ling 102

Within the organs of a superior male,

Are eighteen cycles of lance tips.


Within the innards of an intermediate male,

Are eighteen great secrets of the shaft.


Within the entrails of an inferior male,

Even the way of a horse tail’s to and fro motion, is absent.

                                   Jang Ling 102

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AOL3-Lower Hor Ling 285

Like the sun, are the words of a superior male;      

Without the need for questions, the world makes clear.


Like the wind, are words of an intermediate male;

Wherever the sky’s elevated, with ground levelled.


The two, the pigeon and an inferior male;

From the top of the throat stutters and stutters.

                                    Lower Hor Ling 285

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AOL3-Lower Hor Ling 282

Fresh court cases, hotter than fire;

Legal treatises, longer than a river;

Raging ruler, greater than the wind;

So powerful, with the sun and moon competes;

Strength and ferocity, matches the tiger.

                                    Lower Hor Ling 282

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AOL3-Lower Hor Ling 35

On the paths of flight of empty intermediate space,

Though the vulture excels the glory of the skies,

Mind profound and all-encompassing, the bat be.


On the empty paths of the open blue skies,

Though the planets and stars, radiate light rays,

For the people of Tibet, most amazing rainbow colours be.


From the midst of the expanse of dense, dismal forests,

Though the Barbery wood’s hue is most pretty,

Long term monk, the Deity-wood Juniper be.


From among the numerous birds with wings that fly,

Though the blue bird Peacock, is most beautiful,

Beloved of black-headed Tibetans, the Cuckoo be.


In the heavenly abode of humans – samsaric earth,

Though Kukar of Hor, is most violent vocally,

The refuge of the six classes of beings, Sengchen be.

                                     Lower Hor Ling 35

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AOL3-Jang Ling 210

The lineage sons of the white snowlion;

Although not fully formed, turquoise manes are magnificent.


The little ones of bird king khyung;

Prior to physical maturity, wing feathers are marvellous.


The offsprings of the coloured Indian tiger;

While in the period of youth, stripes are most radiant.

                                     Jang Ling 210

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AOL3-Upper Hor Ling 60

To the son that comprehends, three words allowed.

                                    Upper Hor Ling 60

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AOL2-Tagzig Ling (TAR) 193

From within the oceans, the gem be;

From among constellations, conch moon be.

                                    Tagzig Ling (TAR) 193

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AOL3-Universal Incense Ling 24

If running, racing vigour with the wind compete;

If flying, wing’s power the birds match.

                                    Universal Incense Ling 24

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